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101 in 1001

“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

Wow – I started to write out this list on March 22nd 2011 – and have finally finished it today May 16th 2011!

It was a lot harder than I imagined to write down 101 things that I would love to do, want to do, need to do and push myself to do.

And it also feels quite strange putting my personal goals out ‘there’ for all the world to potentially see and dissect.

So follow me while complete this list – as I will reference it in my blog as I work on or complete a task!

I have from today – 16.5.11 —–> 14.2.14 to complete…

1001 days away 🙂

If you wish to do your own – go here

Code – Just so you know how I am going…

Not started

Working on


Here it is…


  1. Compete in a Triathlon
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Weigh 63kg
  4. Do Body Pump 10x {10/10}
  5. Loose my tuck shop arms
  6. Complete Sea to Summit walk
  7. Commit to the gym for 6 months – at least 2x per week
  8. Run 5km
  9. Do a community Bike Ride
  10. Walk to Mt Lofty 2x
  11. Take a yoga class


  1. Jump out of a plane – skydive
  2. Get a Tattoo
  3. Do orienteering with the kids
  4. Go camping to 3 new state forests {Holiday in April 2012}
  5. Visit friends in Darwin
  6. Host our last Degustation dinner
  7. Buy a new camera
  8. Begin saving for a Disney holiday
  9. Organise and go Kayaking for Dad’s 60th ?
  10. Take the train up to Belair and walk in the national park {Wedding Anniversary day 12yrs}
  11. Take the tram to Glenelg for Ice-Cream 29.5.11


  1. Cut Sugar out of my coffee
  2. Wash my face every night {7/1001}
  3. Floss each teeth brush {0/2002}
  4. Try a new recipe each week {3/143}
  5. Go to bed at 10.30 each night for a week {0/7}
  6. See an acupuncturist
  7. Build my own cookbook of recipe’s I love

Fun Stuff:

  1. Learn Bollywood Dancing
  2. Get my fortune told
  3. See 10 classic movies I have never seen {0/10}
  4. Go to a Day on the Green
  5. Finish two crochet blankets for girls {1/2}
  6. Go see a sport I have never seen
  7. Save and pay for cruise outright – including spending money
  8. Go Ice-Skating
  9. Learn how to crochet a Beanie
  10. Eat out at a different restaurant 5 times {3/5}
  11. Meet a new group of people {crochet at E for Ethel}
  12. Go to moonlight cinema in the Barossa
  13. Organise MG dinner
  14. Take Ali Op Shopping
  15. Go on a spontaneous day with Jon


  1. Finish Family Tree in Girls Album
  2. Do a monthly family scrap page for a year {0/12}
  3. Take a family photo each month for a year {0/12}
  4. Take a scrap class at Paper Flourish{on my birthday 2012}
  5. Do a mums group Scrap Album
  6. Do a Story Book album for Mia and Marcus
  7. Scrapbook up until end of 2009 – Family / Lucy / Aimee albums
  8. Get Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook up to date
  9. Finish Wedding Album
  10. Book / Pay for Scrapcamp for 2012 {attended and it was great fun}

 Helping Others:

  1. Donate Plasma 2x
  2. Donate Blood 6x {3/6}
  3. Work in Fred’s Van
  4. Donate crochet blankets to animal shelter
  5. Donate to charity – 3x {1, Heart Foundation/3}
  6. Donate $2.00 to {charity?}  for every goal not met
  7. Donate my Wedding Dress
  8. Buy a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped 2x {1 – goat, oxfam unwrapped/2}


  1. Paint and decorate Lucy’s room
  2. Make pasta from scratch with kids
  3. Go to Monato Zoo
  4. Read the 3 books of Magic Faraway Tree to Lucy
  5. Have two games nights with kids {1/2}
  6. Take Aimee out on day just for her 2x {0/2}
  7. Take Lucy out on a day just for her 2x {0/2}
  8. Take kids to Markets for dinner

House & Odd Jobs:

  1. Get a table cover for outdoor table
  2. Fix holes in camper trailer
  3. Sort out craft cupboard
  4. Sort tubs at top of study cupboard
  5. Make cupboard in lounge area
  6. Re-paint lounge room / entrance
  7. Hang pictures back up
  8. Shelves in Kitchen
  9. Plant new winter/ spring veggies
  10. Clean up Coffee machine – put it back into use
  11. Plant herbs for window sill
  12. Re-pot plant in Bathroom Binned as it died 😦
  13. Sort Garage and donate
  14. Re-arrange kitchen to be more organised
  15. Clean out clothes not worn in the last 12mths

Well being/ Learning:

  1. Write a letter to me to be opened in 10years
  2. Write my Will
  3. Get a full body massage
  4. Not log onto Facebook for a whole week two!! during the cruise
  5. Still be blogging one year from now
  6. Blog everyday for a month
  7. Use massage voucher
  8. Finish 1st Year Uni {will not complete as I have pulled out}
  9. Finish 2nd Year Uni
  10. Contact Uni – to begin again in early 2012
  11. Do a computer course
  12. Look ahead each month and get cards/gifts for birthdays.
  13. Be involved backstage with amateur theatre
  14. Drink tea out of my Great Nan’s Teacups
  15. Enroll in a class just for fun
  16. Finish this list…finally!
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  1. bubblymel permalink
    May 20, 2011 5:34 pm

    Oh I love it!!!! I really like how you put things into sub headings!!! I don’t think I have the courage to do that yet!!! Nice date to start your list ;)!!!


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