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Teaching – one week in.

November 24, 2016

So I got my registration approved & informed the school in the afternoon {that had been calling me twice weekly to see if it had arrived} and they called me at 6am the very next day to come in and work!


My first day as a teacher was last Wednesday and since then I have worked 5 days. I am slowly getting used to the rhythms of the school, the ways of students and the life of a teacher.
I have the great advantage of attending the school, supervising the students to work through the detailed instructions left by their regular teacher, making sure they all stay safe throughout their lesson and sending them on their way. I have no marking, no lesson planning, no reports to write – other than letting the teacher know how the lesson went.
It is a nice way to work, especially at the beginning of my career, but I can see why teachers love to have their own class – building a strong relationship between yourself and students certainly helps in behaviour, students approach to actively working on and completion of school work – and of course attitudes towards the teacher.
More than once I have experienced the ‘your not our teacher’ attitude and behaviour. I feel I am handling  it all okay, but have learnt so much in 5 days and as always have a lot more I can and will learn.

But so far, I feel like I am going okay. The school seems happy to have me each day, and I am booked for the next 3 days already.
And I won’t hide this fact – being paid to do this work is certainly a delightful part of it.



I am still on ‘light duties’ with my achilles tendinitis  – it is getting so much better – as in I can walk to school and back and it does not bother me. I have been going to see a physio every two weeks and been doing some strengthening exercises every 3-4 hours {or when it is possible to do so}.





I am.

November 14, 2016

I am a teacher.

I have received my registration, and I am cleared to work.

As a teacher.


I think I need a moment to let that sink in.


I hate shopping.

November 9, 2016

Today went a lot better than yesterday. Thank goodness for that!

I did miss a few of my goals – such as drinking less water than I wanted –  and not doing 3 x 10 mins walking.
Instead I took my two girls clothes shopping – there was plenty of walking round and round and round. And then back and forth to the change rooms -> clothes racks for different sizes.
I did do 10,000 steps – most of them at the shops.
I actually hate clothes shopping – or any shopping. I am not a buyer of ‘things’. So taking the girls today is a big thing for me.

On a side note – I have one daughter who wants bikini’s, flowy tops, pastels and lace… and the other wants camo shorts, tops with slogans such as ‘yeah nah’ and tiger socks. Such a huge difference between the two of them. Both unique characters.

I also tracked all day. Keeping within my WW SP range, and only eating one biscuit, a milk coffee, instead of going nuts with the sugars. I feel much better for dropping the amount of sugar.



Snacking, Busy, Hurt.

November 8, 2016

My god I am eating and eating and eating. Lots of crazy snacking,  on whatever I can lay my hands on and get to my mouth.

Tomorrow I need to get into my pantry and do some re-arranging, and some chucking out.

Obviously I am kinda bored,  hence the snacking. I need to address that too.


Although I am not all that bored, at times I am almost too busy to focus on what I am eating and am just grabbing and running.

This time of year is always a busy, we have major volunteer commitments within scouts, weddings, parties and bbq’s – all which leave me feeling very underwhelmed with my efforts to keep on an even keel with my eating.


The other issue is an injury to my achilles. Achilles tendonitis. I have a lovely little lump on the back of my heel too. My {new} physio tells me that this injury takes a LONG time to heal.
He said that I will look back in 18 months time and think ‘gee this does take a long time to heal’. What??? 18mths?

This bloody injury has been building for a while, that I have known about anyway. I have been complaining at Bootcamp about my achilles for several months, and it turns out that I probably should have gone to get it looked at way back then, rather than leaving it until I could not walk. Even 10 metres of walking led to quite horrible hurting pain and making my walking gait very slow.
He said that the fact that I have no foot arches at all {and never have} is a major contributor – probably been building for a LONG LONG time and my achilles has finally given way, after struggling for many years – this I did not know.
The excess weight I am carry, must a contributor too, he never mentioned it – I just know it is.

So I am working on healing it. I have new orthotics in my shoes, and a 3 hourly calf/heel strengthening exercise, which I have been very diligent in keep up. I can now stand on that foot alone and on my toes…. Impossible 3 weeks ago!
I can also walk for 10-15 mins now without much pain. So I am pleased with all of this.
We are leaving for a 3 week holiday in 3 weeks time… I need my ankle to be the best it can be for this trip.

I will continue to stretch and strengthen it – I miss walking long distances so very much.


A plan for tomorrow.

  • Pack a lunch box for me – containing all that I need to eat for the day.
  • Write a small list of ‘distraction’ jobs.
  • Walk 3x for 10 min each time
  • Drink two water bottles of water.







October 3, 2016

So I am done.

Uni and all that goes with it. Now I am a teacher.

I still have a fair bit of paperwork to finish off before I am registered, but the no more Uni is really weird. A good weird, but also ‘What now’ kinda weird.


but since then… Well here in Adelaide we have had some serious rain. And then a bit no a lot more rain fell, and then more and more and more.

Our ‘new’ home, of one year {one year…!!!??} has a cute creek running through it. Well on Thursday that cute creek become a raging torrent of a river from all the rain that had fallen and ended up flooding our back and front yard twice in one day.

And then this morning {Monday} we had more rain fall. And when we woke up that cute creek became once again a raging torrent and it flooded our back yard, front yard and our HOUSE!

There was about an inch of water covering the whole floor.

We messaged family and they came to our rescue with mops and brooms and got to work sweeping it down the shower drain. Our carpets are wet, and the lino flooring is sodden underneath. It is a mess. It is not as bad as others have had flooding, so we are thankful for that, but still.

And tonight,  we are expecting even more rain at around 1am…and I guess more flooding of our house. My dad is coming  at 11pm to sleep on our couch to help us out if needed. I hope it is a false alarm…but none of the others have turned out that way.

Here are some photo’s of our days….


First Flooding…


Cool reflection… if only this water was on the outside still.


Our vegetable garden floating away.


Dad helping to sweep the water out of the house.


Backyard full again






So VERY close!

September 20, 2016

I am beginning to understand more and more the disappearance of time that teachers often discuss. Once the week has begun and one lesson slides into the next – those 55 minutes are the shortest you have ever experienced {unless you’re under prepared…then those minutes are gaping chasms of time!}. Then before you know it the 6 lessons of the day are done, recess/lunch has been hastily eaten and you’re dismissing students to head home, then quickly sorting out the hastily gathered collection of worksheets/books and heading for the staff meeting.

I know this insight is nothing new to an already experienced teacher… but to anyone new to any job – well the realities dawn on you – until suddenly you see it clearly… just what all my teacher friends and family members have talked about for years.
It would be much the same for anyone entering a hospitality field of employment – that environment I know so well.


Anyway – I am now 4 weeks into this placement and have only 2 days to go.

Which means that I am on the very CUSP of finishing my uni degree.


As in…. no more courses, assignments or lectures.


I can hardly believe it really.

Here on the blog I have used the tag “Uni” to show that I have chatted about Uni around 55 times. And those are the times that I have remember to do the tag thingo’s.

It has been a big part of my life.

I want to write more on my experience at Uni, but another time.

Now though, I am just going to sit and revel in the fact that time is slipping by and very soon I will be a graduate teacher, having gained a UNIVERSITY DEGREE! Something I never ever, ever, ever ever ever imagined I would a) do and b) complete.

And I am going to celebrate. A dinner out and a lovely bottle of wine.


Yummy goodies made by year 10's to sell to the junior school

Yummy goodies made by year 10’s to sell to the junior school









Joining up again.

August 21, 2016

Upon hitting publish on my last post, I took a quick stroll through my archives… and I read how active and healthy I used to be. Measuring it up against the present me… and I have let so much slip in my day to day activities, eating, thoughts and actions that helped to get to a healthy weight range and be fit and feeling great.

So. On TOTAL impulse I joined up to Weight Watchers again. I did say late last year  that this would be my last time doing it. I was done. Never again.
and yes…the saying never say never bubbled to the surface.

So. I found a new meeting – and for this residential location it is not easy or within a 30 min drive. But I am willing and keen and ready to start feeling like the old me again.

With placement beginning tomorrow {eeeeeek} I hit the shops for a new bra and a new pair of work pants. And all I can say is YIKES. Those mirrors. Or really what was reflecting back at me in those mirrors.
Sadness overwhelmed me. Anger too.
I took some pictures for spurring me on when I feel like this journey is too damn hard. Those pictures will remind me that I have to do this.

So. I went to the meeting – its not as big, or loud, or fun loving as my last one…but I think I will like it. And if not – then my old meeting is just a 30 min drive in other direction 🙂 The weigh in part sucked, I know it was never going to be a party – but I was about on target with where I thought I would be …. and I have wondered if I should put it out there –  but I guess at the end of the day its only a number. Although it is a number that reflects just how much I have let my old habits go. And that is tough.
Biggest I have ever been. Double ouch.
But weighing in means I have stepped over that fear of not knowing or not willing to do anything about it – and I am on my way.

Tracking seems to be going well so far. It is tough, the new Smart Points plan certainly has its quirks… and I am glossing over some of the more strange ones…. counting the sugar in milk….. Okay I’m moving on.
I have been tracking each day, and am up to 4. Being honest hurts, and I’m feeling a little hungry at times. Both things are really not a bad thing.
It is also TTOM for me, so mega bloating is occurring. I hope that once that resides, along with tracking and eating less crappy foods, I will feel so much better. Right now, I’m an angry, hungry, embarrassed human being.

Now, its off to bed for 6am Bootcamp and then off to school for day 1 of my placement. *deep breath*












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