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Week 1

May 6, 2017

I did it! I got through my first week, alive, unscathed and upright.
Also…tired, more knowledgeable and a little overwhelmed! But… happy.
Which is a great feeling.

I am working in a great school, with lovely students and an even lovelier staff.
I had free access to coffee in the Tech studies office and have had some hearty laughs already with them. We are next door to each other – being the “Technology” subjects – so it is nice to have people to chat to, and to go to for support, who are close by.
I was offered delicious smelling donuts, which I do not eat, but was thankful of the offer.
I have a bag of folders in my school bag, that I need to look at soon and begin to do some more lesson planning.
I have a lot of free lessons at the end of the week to work on planning as well. And I am sure as the weeks march on I will have that time to do marking.
It’s going to be a much busier school term than I am used to – but I think I will be okay. I can do it.

Last night J and I went out together to cash in a ‘wine and a cheese platter’ voucher….and had a lovely evening just the two of us! So nice to to be able to talk without interuptions.

I walked for a full 35 minutes this morning without my achilles hurting at all! I even walked up a hill without noticing. So pleased it is on the mend.

So overall, yes I am happy.

Which is wonderful.


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