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Feb 1 – a month down.

February 12, 2017

Wowsers – a month gone in the year already… days slide by so fast that you really need to be careful to be attentive and enjoy each and every one!

There are two people in my life at the moment teetering on the very edge of health and life – as one of them has so aptly said ‘I am in the finale’. This comment is especially  poignant as he was the producer for many years of the scout gang show I am involved in – our lives spent in and around a theatre, youth and performances.
The other, is my good friends mum.

I look back on the month I have had and wonder if I have done enough? Done enough to begin the changes I so desperately need and want. I think I have… well….I have made a start, and that is better than doing nothing. But I know I can do more. I definitely want the outcomes of doing more… and so I must do more to achieve them.


Feb 12th:

I began that post and never got back to it. And in that time both of these people have now passed on, and we have {and will} celebrate their lives at their respective funerals {one is next week}.
My very good friend, who now lives interstate, has been “home” caring for her suddenly very sick mum {see above}, was there when she passed away – and there to hold her hand <3, and stayed on for her funeral.
So having this friend home for a few weeks has been bittersweet for all of us.

So due to this our little family have had a busy week. There have been many dinners, lunches and dishes done! But it has been so lovely to catch up with the people we love the most, to spend some hours chatting and drinking wine, laughing till we were shrieking – and there have been tears when we toasted to good friends, lovely mums and our appreciation of friends so very dear to us {ahhh I’m teary now recalling it…}.

All this certainly aligns with my paragraph above…. have I done enough? Then I was meaning health and fitness – now I know that I have done enough… I showed the people that mean the most to me how much I adore them.
But if this week has shown me anything…. I still need to do more on my health and fitness…and that is mainly so I can be healthy and strong to live as long as I can – and to achieve all the things I wish to do.

So today. Onwards towards fitness, health, happiness and strength!






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