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Week 2 of the New Year

January 13, 2017

I just read another ladies blog, outlining her difficult week maintaining her commitment to a healthy life. And I feel like it echo’s my week.
I could hide away and ignore how disappointed I am in myself – but in the interest of this saying…


I won’t.

Yes my week has not gone to plan. And I hate that this continues to happen. BUT it does continue to happen – so perhaps I had better get used to it and work out a way around it.
I need to see the good in what I am doing, rather than beating myself up over ‘failure’ to be 100%.
My life is pretty hectic – I am busy. I can’t say no. My husband works shift-work. I make excuses.
So this is how my week went.

Up early today to get the kids off to a 24 hr trip to the Riverland with their granny. Yippee.  I planned to spend the day writing a document for teaching jobs.  I struggled with this ALL.DAY. I probably wrote the same 200 words and deleted them 10x over. Which lead to  emotional eating of all the crap in the pantry.
I didn’t walk, as I thought I would/could go later {wrong plan}.
We then went out for an impromptu dinner with friends to a Thai restaurant. I made good choices, and felt good about eating out.


We ended up staying at our friends place due the lateness of the dinner and how far away we live from them, and even better we were able to get up and go to the beach!
But first I weighed in at WW for the first time since 12/11…. ouch! that I wasted so much time & money. I am a dick. And I had a gain of 3.3kg. Although, I felt was not all that bad for a 3 week holiday, chrissy and get-togethers over the new year.
J and I went for a 20 min walk {ouch my achilles} and then for a swim – so good!
By this time it was 10am, and I was starving, so we shared a pasty. Yum.
We did some birthday present shopping for our almost 10yr old – and also got a Bakers Delight Pizza. Sigh.


My family came over to do some shed sorting from recent flooding. Sausage rolls, pizza bread, cheese, bbq and birthday cake were on the menu. Ugh.
I did 10,000 steps and sweated a bucket load.


I started out well, a 15 min walk, a good breakfast.
I didn’t track the rest of the day. I think it was that J went to work late in the day and I was over the it all. I got the sulks on.


We had builders at our house all day today fixing up from the flooding in October. I also had my niece and nephew over. But I managed to walk, track and eat well.
Sadly, I gorged myself on lollies late at night while making lolly bags. I cannot be trusted around lollies!


My daughters 10th Birthday – we took 5 kids to the local pools. I planned out my day, took my own food and snacked on a few hot chips, potato chips and a drink of fanta. Yum.
No walking today, but I did swim most of the day, making sure I was treading water and moving about.
I then raced around dropping them all home, drove bus home and left the kids with a half cooked meal to finish off while I raced out to a meeting.
By the time I got home I was STARVING – and munched on the girls leftovers.

Thursday (today):

I woke at 5am with a  shocker of a migraine. UGH. I managed to push down some cornflakes – but only so I could take some pain-killers and went back to bed. 3 hrs later I had J make me some toast with butter. More pain-killers – More sleep. Then I had toast again at 2pm when I finally felt well enough to get up.
I hate that I slept most of the day away, but it is nice to feel good again.I find the nausea is the worst, I wish I could just vomit and move on. I really dislike that I get migraines. They ruin a good day of life.

I did managed to eat a good dinner – eggplant and spinach curry with a steamed potato. Delicious.
The good thing about this week is that finally! my fridge and pantry is cleaned out. There is no more crappy food to eat in there. And the stuff we do have is hidden away, either just out of sight or actually hidden from me {read lollies –!}
So tomorrow I have planned to do a weekly menu – something I used to do religiously. So back to it I go – I need to get more routine in my day, as lunch is my tough time and a plan of what to eat would really help.

So my week… laid out in its ugliness. But with some good points each day. I just need to make the balance better – more good then ugly each day and I will be right.
In one year I will have succeeded.
















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