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A few days later I actually begin…

January 5, 2017

Yep, my ‘new me’ was a bit of a false start.
Or perhaps I could call it an ‘ease in’ rather than a ‘cold turkey’ start.

I began well, but as the day wore on it got harder, and while I didn’t eat the amount crappy food like I would have in days of old {looking at you Dec 2016}…. I did mindlessly munch on some chips, had a few extra lolly snakes and a handful of shapes, all which I certainly did not plan to eat.
I did take my girls to the Movies {SING… it was excellent!}, and thankfully/ luckily I did not have to deal with the popcorn issue – as my 12yr old has braces and popcorn is a no-go due to the unsightly teeth sticking properties.  I took along above mentioned lolly snakes and shapes… and for a while sat between the girls, passing the foods back and forth, pinching a bit each time – but my mind was saying repeatedly…. you don’t need these… so I gave  my willpower muscle a bit of a stretch and asked one to swap seats with me, stating that it would be easier for them to eat if I was not in the middle.
I grabbed my pre-planned apple and had that instead.
And I felt better for that small achievement. For that is what they are at the beginning of weight loss… small achievements that stack up. The tricky thing at the beginning is that there are only a few – so the strength of the small achievements for use in future prevention is low… but you have to keep on making them regardless. Although I know  that in a week there will be more and more that have added up to be strong – and these will carry you through easily to the next test. The building of willpower muscle.

Did I meet my daily goals that I set? Kinda, sorta.

  • Clean out the fridge and pantry – get rid off/give away all the junk food, biscuits, chips, lollies, dips, cheeses and soft drink – partly, I threw out  and froze some things, but certainly not the level of having a garbage bag in the pantry and tossing stuff. 
  • Eat none of the above – I ate some of the above….
  • Eat good healthy foods – which includes vegetables, fruits and lean protein yes, although could and will get better.
  • Track on my WW app and stick to my daily points – again, partly, I think I stopped once I needed to add the ‘Shapes’ to it.Stupidly I got scared.
  • Drink 2lt of water – YES
  • Go for a 10 min walk – Nope.

Hmm… one fully completed goal – and lots of half done. I guess it was a definite ‘ease into it’ start.

Yesterday I got stuck into crochet early…new project!! and didn’t even hop on the computer for hours. But if I transferred all those daily goals to the next day… I did them all successfully bar the walk.
So good day all round. And one to keep building on.

Today I got up early and did the walk!!
Lying in bed at 6:10am wide awake, I mentally discussed with myself how stupid it was to be lying awake wondering if I should go for a walk… I wondered for over 17 mins….  I know I could have been thinking all this while I  WAS walking. So I got up, stumbled around find all my walking gear and set off.
My timer was set for 7 mins.
This was partly due to my really uncomfortable and sore achilles…. grrr…. and even more so due to the mindset that just getting out the door is the hardest part. I have written of this over and over again… pushing my butt out the door with only a minuscule time limit for a walk is enough to make it happen. What I know and try to keep secret from myself is that I will love it once I am out there and will keep going. I have proven that this works for me over and over again.
Here I wrote the very same thing….remind me again. and I am sure I could go through most of my previous blog entries and find it 100 more times.
It is something to remind myself of – something that works – something I need to continue to do to be successful.

Daily goals:

  • Track on the WW app – stick to daily points/achieve that blue dot!
  • Walk 10 mins – Happily I have already walked for 15mins
  • Use my hand weights – start a new routine found an easy one and did it as soon as I got back from my walk
  • Drink 2.5lt water
  • Do the pantry…
  • Spend some time with the girls doing fun things…

Today is HOT here – 37deg. Glad I got my butt up and walked already 🙂 I can be smug all day.










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  1. Plum permalink
    January 5, 2017 8:40 am

    Setting daily goals is good.

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