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I’m one of ‘those’

January 3, 2017

New Year – Start Over.

I’m beginning it all again – my weight loss journey.

I have officially reached that point… where I feel like total crap.
My body is not working in equilibrium, my feet hurt, I’m stiff and sore when I get up in the morning or up off the couch, my clothes do not fit, I hate photo’s of myself, the self-hate talk is getting stronger, I’m unfit, unhealthy and full of excuses.

I have been trying for some years now to reverse the slow gaining of weight, but my busy life is always an easy excuse for mindless eating, buying shitty food and eating too many lollies. I have got to put a stop to it. I cannot keep gaining.

I have also stopped blogging about my weight loss or lack of… and I want to begin again. Personal accountability for literally the world to see.

So 2017 is the year.
And while I would have loved to have begun on Jan 1… well I used my busy life excuse once again – a house full of interstate guests and crappy food that was sitting on the table was too much to resist. My willpower muscle is weak at the moment.


But.. the guests left this morning. So today I am going to start with the small steps needed to begin to rebuild my willpower muscle and my desire to be a healthy me.

Daily Goals:

  • Clean out the fridge and pantry – get rid off/give away all the junk food, biscuits, chips, lollies, dips, cheeses and soft drink.
  • Eat none of the above.
  • Eat good healthy foods – which includes vegetables, fruits and lean protein.
  • Track on my WW app and stick to my daily points
  • Drink 2lt of water.
  • Go for a 10 min walk.

A good start. And achievable. SMART goals.


Right, I am off to begin the day.

It is a beautiful one!








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  1. Plum permalink
    January 3, 2017 10:59 am

    Hey Leanne, use that FB group we have, we’d all like some motivation to get fitter, healthier for 2017. I love the quote: (If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it) I have it saved as my screen saver on my phone as I too think about my weight gain and body changes over the last year and to get my butt to gym more – there is never a day I am happy with myself as I am still comparing my body to my 20 year old body which I know is stupid, but I can’t help myself. I want to fit into my clothes better than I do right now as I refuse to buy a new wardrobe. I start each day with the intention of eating better and exercising, then a week or so later I’m back to old habits, and I am always researching how to control my sweet tooth and cravings. Seeing that quote every day does help me more than when I didn’t have a visual of it each day.

  2. Plum permalink
    January 3, 2017 11:00 am

    PS my will power was crap over the last week, to many chocolates, nuts and cakes around.

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