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Teaching – one week in.

November 24, 2016

So I got my registration approved & informed the school in the afternoon {that had been calling me twice weekly to see if it had arrived} and they called me at 6am the very next day to come in and work!


My first day as a teacher was last Wednesday and since then I have worked 5 days. I am slowly getting used to the rhythms of the school, the ways of students and the life of a teacher.
I have the great advantage of attending the school, supervising the students to work through the detailed instructions left by their regular teacher, making sure they all stay safe throughout their lesson and sending them on their way. I have no marking, no lesson planning, no reports to write – other than letting the teacher know how the lesson went.
It is a nice way to work, especially at the beginning of my career, but I can see why teachers love to have their own class – building a strong relationship between yourself and students certainly helps in behaviour, students approach to actively working on and completion of school work – and of course attitudes towards the teacher.
More than once I have experienced the ‘your not our teacher’ attitude and behaviour. I feel I am handling  it all okay, but have learnt so much in 5 days and as always have a lot more I can and will learn.

But so far, I feel like I am going okay. The school seems happy to have me each day, and I am booked for the next 3 days already.
And I won’t hide this fact – being paid to do this work is certainly a delightful part of it.



I am still on ‘light duties’ with my achilles tendinitis  – it is getting so much better – as in I can walk to school and back and it does not bother me. I have been going to see a physio every two weeks and been doing some strengthening exercises every 3-4 hours {or when it is possible to do so}.




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