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I hate shopping.

November 9, 2016

Today went a lot better than yesterday. Thank goodness for that!

I did miss a few of my goals – such as drinking less water than I wanted –  and not doing 3 x 10 mins walking.
Instead I took my two girls clothes shopping – there was plenty of walking round and round and round. And then back and forth to the change rooms -> clothes racks for different sizes.
I did do 10,000 steps – most of them at the shops.
I actually hate clothes shopping – or any shopping. I am not a buyer of ‘things’. So taking the girls today is a big thing for me.

On a side note – I have one daughter who wants bikini’s, flowy tops, pastels and lace… and the other wants camo shorts, tops with slogans such as ‘yeah nah’ and tiger socks. Such a huge difference between the two of them. Both unique characters.

I also tracked all day. Keeping within my WW SP range, and only eating one biscuit, a milk coffee, instead of going nuts with the sugars. I feel much better for dropping the amount of sugar.



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