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Snacking, Busy, Hurt.

November 8, 2016

My god I am eating and eating and eating. Lots of crazy snacking,  on whatever I can lay my hands on and get to my mouth.

Tomorrow I need to get into my pantry and do some re-arranging, and some chucking out.

Obviously I am kinda bored,  hence the snacking. I need to address that too.


Although I am not all that bored, at times I am almost too busy to focus on what I am eating and am just grabbing and running.

This time of year is always a busy, we have major volunteer commitments within scouts, weddings, parties and bbq’s – all which leave me feeling very underwhelmed with my efforts to keep on an even keel with my eating.


The other issue is an injury to my achilles. Achilles tendonitis. I have a lovely little lump on the back of my heel too. My {new} physio tells me that this injury takes a LONG time to heal.
He said that I will look back in 18 months time and think ‘gee this does take a long time to heal’. What??? 18mths?

This bloody injury has been building for a while, that I have known about anyway. I have been complaining at Bootcamp about my achilles for several months, and it turns out that I probably should have gone to get it looked at way back then, rather than leaving it until I could not walk. Even 10 metres of walking led to quite horrible hurting pain and making my walking gait very slow.
He said that the fact that I have no foot arches at all {and never have} is a major contributor – probably been building for a LONG LONG time and my achilles has finally given way, after struggling for many years – this I did not know.
The excess weight I am carry, must a contributor too, he never mentioned it – I just know it is.

So I am working on healing it. I have new orthotics in my shoes, and a 3 hourly calf/heel strengthening exercise, which I have been very diligent in keep up. I can now stand on that foot alone and on my toes…. Impossible 3 weeks ago!
I can also walk for 10-15 mins now without much pain. So I am pleased with all of this.
We are leaving for a 3 week holiday in 3 weeks time… I need my ankle to be the best it can be for this trip.

I will continue to stretch and strengthen it – I miss walking long distances so very much.


A plan for tomorrow.

  • Pack a lunch box for me – containing all that I need to eat for the day.
  • Write a small list of ‘distraction’ jobs.
  • Walk 3x for 10 min each time
  • Drink two water bottles of water.






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