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October 3, 2016

So I am done.

Uni and all that goes with it. Now I am a teacher.

I still have a fair bit of paperwork to finish off before I am registered, but the no more Uni is really weird. A good weird, but also ‘What now’ kinda weird.


but since then… Well here in Adelaide we have had some serious rain. And then a bit no a lot more rain fell, and then more and more and more.

Our ‘new’ home, of one year {one year…!!!??} has a cute creek running through it. Well on Thursday that cute creek become a raging torrent of a river from all the rain that had fallen and ended up flooding our back and front yard twice in one day.

And then this morning {Monday} we had more rain fall. And when we woke up that cute creek became once again a raging torrent and it flooded our back yard, front yard and our HOUSE!

There was about an inch of water covering the whole floor.

We messaged family and they came to our rescue with mops and brooms and got to work sweeping it down the shower drain. Our carpets are wet, and the lino flooring is sodden underneath. It is a mess. It is not as bad as others have had flooding, so we are thankful for that, but still.

And tonight,  we are expecting even more rain at around 1am…and I guess more flooding of our house. My dad is coming  at 11pm to sleep on our couch to help us out if needed. I hope it is a false alarm…but none of the others have turned out that way.

Here are some photo’s of our days….


First Flooding…


Cool reflection… if only this water was on the outside still.


Our vegetable garden floating away.


Dad helping to sweep the water out of the house.


Backyard full again






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