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Joining up again.

August 21, 2016

Upon hitting publish on my last post, I took a quick stroll through my archives… and I read how active and healthy I used to be. Measuring it up against the present me… and I have let so much slip in my day to day activities, eating, thoughts and actions that helped to get to a healthy weight range and be fit and feeling great.

So. On TOTAL impulse I joined up to Weight Watchers again. I did say late last year  that this would be my last time doing it. I was done. Never again.
and yes…the saying never say never bubbled to the surface.

So. I found a new meeting – and for this residential location it is not easy or within a 30 min drive. But I am willing and keen and ready to start feeling like the old me again.

With placement beginning tomorrow {eeeeeek} I hit the shops for a new bra and a new pair of work pants. And all I can say is YIKES. Those mirrors. Or really what was reflecting back at me in those mirrors.
Sadness overwhelmed me. Anger too.
I took some pictures for spurring me on when I feel like this journey is too damn hard. Those pictures will remind me that I have to do this.

So. I went to the meeting – its not as big, or loud, or fun loving as my last one…but I think I will like it. And if not – then my old meeting is just a 30 min drive in other direction 🙂 The weigh in part sucked, I know it was never going to be a party – but I was about on target with where I thought I would be …. and I have wondered if I should put it out there –  but I guess at the end of the day its only a number. Although it is a number that reflects just how much I have let my old habits go. And that is tough.
Biggest I have ever been. Double ouch.
But weighing in means I have stepped over that fear of not knowing or not willing to do anything about it – and I am on my way.

Tracking seems to be going well so far. It is tough, the new Smart Points plan certainly has its quirks… and I am glossing over some of the more strange ones…. counting the sugar in milk….. Okay I’m moving on.
I have been tracking each day, and am up to 4. Being honest hurts, and I’m feeling a little hungry at times. Both things are really not a bad thing.
It is also TTOM for me, so mega bloating is occurring. I hope that once that resides, along with tracking and eating less crappy foods, I will feel so much better. Right now, I’m an angry, hungry, embarrassed human being.

Now, its off to bed for 6am Bootcamp and then off to school for day 1 of my placement. *deep breath*












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  1. August 30, 2016 12:38 am

    All the absolute best as you get back on your journey – believe me, I know how hard it is! (she says, cramming an éclair into her gob as she’s typing) 🙂

  2. bubblymel permalink
    September 15, 2016 2:09 pm

    Good on you Lea xxx

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