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March 16, 2016


I celebrated, and now I am.

And it was GREAT!


I talked last post about a birthday trip to Brisbane, of enjoying time sitting on their deck listening to music.

I also spoke of things happening that I knew nothing of. Surprises! And they were well worth the agony of not knowing.
After landing and then heading to get our bags – our friend and her family were there waiting for us and inside the terminal…Huh? We were supposed to be meeting just one, Kaz, outside in the pull-up-jump-in-really-fast passenger pickup. But as I looked over at J collecting our bags I noticed another person I recognised….. Wait? What? It turns out that as soon as I had sent my friend my text to say that we were coming up to Brissy to celebrate my birthday – last June – she sent the text onto our other good friends and they booked the same flights! To spend the same 5 days with us….. So damn good…. and so very good at keeping it quiet! We have spent so much time with them recently and they have said nothing! That was a great surprise – as the 6 of us get along so well. My heart swells with happiness to just think about how they did this for me, and kept it quiet.

So the first night we did sit on that deck, enjoying the warm humid air of Queensland. And plans for the second day were to spend time at the local farmers markets, swim at South Bank

and then go back to the deck.But… all that day these friends talked quietly among themselves, spent time whispering in small huddles and would stop when I came near. I knew that there was a further surprise, could see it being discussed but I didn’t anticipate the exclusion I would feel when the discussions where happening around me. Actually it was pretty awful, and I can’t hide my feelings very well. They almost told me, as they could see I was feeling left out, but I pulled up my big-girl-pants, told myself off and tried to enjoy the anticipation.

The next day I was told to pack everything, as we would be heading to the airport from the ‘next place’. Okay. And then we left, heading east towards the Gold Coast – where we pulled up outside an everyday, average looking house in Mermaid Waters.
And then as the roller door lifted and I could see the inside of the home through the huge glass front door – I realised that we were not staying in any average old house…. this place was amazing! And it was to be ‘ours’ for the next 3 nights!



The view off the Gold Coast high rises







Master Bathroom – complete with a deep bath, twin shower heads and a steam room – my kind of bathroom!!!!

We had such an amazing time in this house. The kids pretty much swam the entire time, and as we could see them at all times it was so easy to supervise them.
The adults sat around on the comfy couches all.the.time too. Relaxing, listening to music which was piped through to every room {bathroom included}, drinking wine, laughing, cooking and eating amazing food {cooked mostly by J – he is a star} and again  – relaxing!

My actual birthday was a very low key day, I had a massage {booked by a friend xx} and then we sat by the pool and in the pool for the rest of the day. Just an awesome way to celebrate.

And then sadly it was time to leave this beautiful home, and head back to our own. It was very tough to leave, and we all tried to work out how we could stay in this place for longer……sigh…….

I had an amazing time – turning 40 – with fabulous friends, in an incredible place – and I will remember it always. Thanks guys xx

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  1. Plum permalink
    March 16, 2016 8:31 pm

    Sounds wonderful

  2. bubblymel permalink
    July 14, 2016 4:26 pm

    OMG!! Looks so amazing!!

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