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Inching closer…

February 20, 2016

I am inching closer and closer to my 40th Birthday. Which is now in 9 days time.

J has celebrated his, with a evening at the Tour Down Under and a brunch with family. And next it will be my turn to celebrate.
We are heading off to Brisbane my little family and I – to spend some quality time with our great friends the Cz’s. It is only for 5 days, but I am so looking forward to sitting on their back deck sipping on cool drinks, listening to the music that is always playing in their house and chatting the time away. There is some other things planned too – but of that I know nothing… it’s a surprise! 🙂


The last month I have been really focusing on getting back to being active and healthy. I made an effort in January, but the school holidays and the hot weather we have here, really snagged my efforts – so I looked at it as an easing in and then when Feb hit and school went back for the year  – I launched into it and it came pretty easily too.

I have begun back at Bootcamp – each Wednesday and Friday morning in the next town on from us, about 7km away. We do it on the towns footy oval, and have had all sorts of unusual weather already… from misting rain, to warm, to light frosts. And it is  only February. Living in the Adelaide Hills is completely different to living on the Adelaide Plains!
I am really loving the Bootcamp – the instructor Claire – is very young, energetic, happy and relaxed… she is not one to worry about letting a few choice words slip in… and for that I love her. We often begin with a running warm up lap around the oval (dread!) and some knee’s up/back, side steps, sprints and grapevines.
Sometimes the workouts are circuits – working on particular parts – arms/legs/shoulders etc – and the other week it was Tabata week… which is “In a nutshell and in its most basic form the Tabata Method is 20 seconds of hard training followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times”.

It was a really tough few days of this style of training…especially the burpees… but I was so please to have done it.
Last week we did a 3km time trial, 6.5 laps of the oval. But things got a little mixed up and the few of us at the back of the back {who had been lapped 2x} only did 2.6km…one lap short {I was sure I still had one lap to go went she cheered to say well done you’ve done it…ah well…. I can’t say I wasn’t sad to stop 😉 }.
Anyway, I am loving the body changes that this style of training brings…. my shoulders are feeling more toned, my legs feel stronger and my waist is shrinking. 🙂

I weighed just before I began, and was not shocked. I knew what I had been eating, and could feel the results – I wrote them in a private diary and some were *sleeping badly, *no longer able to kneel down and touch my butt to my feet, *my ‘bigger’ tops feeling a little snug, *wedding ring no longer fits.
Some of these ‘results’ made me feel rotten. Enough to be motivated to become more conscious when eating, and when choosing what to eat. I won’t go into too much detail, as we all know what is needed to be cut back on…white carbs, sugary foods, junk foods… and what needs to be eaten more. So I have. And I am feeling so much better – I even hopped on a scale this morning and in a month have lost 1.1 kg.
Now I now this is not a HUGE loss for a month, but for me, it is great, I feel better and I know I can keep up what I have been doing and continue to feel great. Whether I lose weight or not, I know I am moving in the right direction, more than I have been for a few years really.



ON the home front, we have been doing a lot of small home improvements… new tap-ware, shelves, hanging pictures, renovating an old run down shed and building a chook house and pen.
We are beginning to really enjoy our time spent up here, and look forward to driving up the driveway and breathing out all the stress of the ‘city’.
This morning I took my coffee and breakfast out to our back patio area and sat and watched the chooks roam, our two sheep scratching themselves on the back fence and the dogs roll in the sun. I also sat with my latest crochet blanket and finished off a row {it’s a queen sized blanket…one row is loooong}. It was very peaceful and lovely, and amazing to think that this is my life right now. So very good.

I have also had a laugh, and smiled that acknowledgement smile, when reading others blogs on turning 40…. of which they say it all so much more eloquently than I ever could.

But it is nice to know I am not the only feeling these things.






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  1. Plum permalink
    February 20, 2016 7:24 pm

    What a great happy post.

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