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Back on the rails again

November 11, 2015

I do feel so much better now. The walk I did last night was 55 minutes long, which took me to the post office, round the back of the footy oval and back home.

The only yuck bit was that my stomach was huge and bloated by the end of the walk, making me waddle a bit a lot- but I know the cause of that and it is all my own fault. I bought a packet of chips yesterday, on a whim, and they were BBQ flavour…guaranteed to have garlic and/or onion powder in them. Garlic and onion {in any form fresh, powdered etc} – having done a FODMAP elimination diet – are my killers for bloating causing major stomach distension. Like I am 7 months pregnant distended! It’s yucky feeling and makes me look awful.
And I should know better than to eat chips with flavour. I should know better than to eat chips at all!

Having worked as Chef’s for most of our lives – cooking with garlic and onion is second nature – but about 6 months ago I cut them out of home cooking, using instead the green ends of spring onions {“allowed” on FODMAP} and celery to get the beginnings of wet dishes such as pasta sauce or a roux. We have not noticed much of a difference.

Although it does amaze me how we have so easily CUT out onion and garlic – just-like-that! Without even giving it much thought. It was just done.

But have yet to cut out chocolate, chips, lollies and the like 🙂 They cause me as much grief…yet I cling on to them!


I should be setting myself small goals for the rest of this year to begin to CUT them out of my life too…. As I know it will make me feel so much better again.

Right so I should and so I will!….. this month {11/11/15 – 11/1215} I will cut out eating lollies. No more –  as they make me feel rotten – the same as sausages, onions, garlic and bread.


Today I am off to visit a friend for a coffee, write up a menu plan and shopping list, tidy my study in anticipation of a Uni subject beginning in two weeks and a Zumba class.


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