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Climbing out of the sickness hole.

August 27, 2015

Another month of the year slips by and we are looking the end of August. Time does indeed fly by when you get older, and I have to remember the good things that happened in the month, rather than lamenting the time is gone forever.

First things – our house. Well, nothing new has come on the market in Birdwood – so we jumped, both feet together – into our new adventure. We had another look at the house we like, this time though, we bought along a tribe of friends and family to help us/ show us that we would be making a good, and the right decision to go ahead and purchase that house. There were a lot of head nods, smiles and ‘go for its…’ – so we did. We put in an offer, and a few counter-offers – until both parties reached a number that felt okay.

We had a building inspection – and again, bought up a tribe of family members, this time all the parents who all gave ‘the nod’ of approval. Building inspection was passed, with only a few minor things needed to do – fix taps, replace taps, paint fading woodwork – all easy done and planned already.
And now we wait for the final, all okay, home loan approval. We have no worries about it, just need the final, big red stamp…. and that should happen today šŸ™‚
And then the house will be ours.

We are both really happy, for it just feels right. Even walking around the house, it always has felt right. Walking through other homes has not had us feeling like this, and each time we got back into the car we would look at each other and say ‘it’s nice, but not like the one in Birdwood.So it does make sense to have bought this one.

Settlement day is now only 6 weeks away, and we have begun packing. The house looks odd, but I am so okay with the boxes and our stuff not around. I am ready to leave this house and begin our new adventure.



Well, I was doing really well, even lost a kg at WW….unheard of in my recent history… and then the flu got me. Achy back, prickly sensitive skin – which came on all of a sudden, so much that Miss 11 put me to bed and made me a cup of tea. Ahh so awful! That was early last week, and since then all I have done is lay on the couch, rest, lay on the bed for a sleep, got to bed at 9pm {totally weird for me as I am a night owl}, sit down after every activity and then rest a bit more. I have not felt so flat and lethargic for some time. Next year, flu vaccine for me.

Today I feel better. Much better, functioning adult better. I even went out and did a 40 min walk. A slow walk, but out in the world and in the slightly-warmer-than-last-week sunshine {spring is around the corner!}. I can only get better each day now, and for that I am thankful.

Today, I also go back to eating on plan. No snacking on chocolate, chips or crackers with cheese. Just normal eating. I need it, for the body sluggish-ness is getting me down. Also, my heartburn is back with full force. I had porridge with banana this morning…. and I suffered with the burning my whole walk. Gah. It is time to get that back under control too.

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