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July 23, 2015

YIPPEEEEE – our house sold!… last time I wrote I spoke about a couple returning to look for a 2nd time and hoping they would put in an offer to buy….. well they did put in an offer – one we liked very much, so we accepted and now we are about a day away from putting a SOLD sticker up on the board out the front.

Their conditions were a cash sale {no other house to sell} and a 3.5month settlement {so they did not have to break their lease on the rental they are living in}. We decided that seeing we have no house to go to yet, and they offered us exactly what we were thinking would be a great amount for this house – that it was worth going for.

The time left until we settle is a long though {14weeks!!}, and as the days tick slowly by we are beginning to realise that this length of time may feel like an eternity, especially now the house is sold we just want to get up to our new town and begin living.

We still do not know where we will live up in the hills, there is one house, I think I spoke of it a while ago – well it has been on the market for a long time – almost 18months. It holds everything we want for in a house, good heating/cooling, lots of space, room for the kids to run, close to the schools, in the main town – BUT…. it has been on the market a LONG time – so we question why over and over? how come no one wants it? is it a dud? are the neighbours crappy {their house certainly looks like a junk yard..} does it flood? are the bill so excessive? WHY? WHY? WHY?
So yes, we like it – it has everything we want – but it does have a few things that are not overly desirable….. and so we hang off from buying it…. it’s not like it’s selling fast….

We hang on to see if anything else comes onto the market that is just as good, and comparable, and perhaps more than this one. At the moment we have time – 14 weeks of time – but as the weeks go by we will need to make some decisions…but for now we have to hold our nerve, so to speak. And try to time it all just right – so not to miss out on this house – as well as not missing out on the ‘possible’ next great house too.

It is winter here in Australia, and down in South Australia it is as cool as it is going to get – mid-winter… in the the little town we have decided to move to it is currently -2 ish overnight – so as the weeks go by it will begin to get warmer again and I am sure homes will come onto the market….. we just have to hold our nerve and not jump too quick!

But then we question -Why are we waiting…. this house has ALL the things we want in a property!!!!!

ARRRRRGGGGHHHH – it is just a difficult questioning/waiting time……

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