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Some more things that have been happening…

July 9, 2015

Uni. I am back at it…. this time though, it is only a 5 day subject, with what I knew was going to become a content that was a toughie and will take all the brain space left over…. Its on Curriculum.
We will be discussing it, reading about it, debating over it. Living it, I guess.
I can see that most nights and all weekend are going to be spent with my arse sat right here in my desk chair…reading, writing, pondering and if I am truthful…. procrastinating.

Still, it will leave me with only 3 subjects to go when I am done. So that is a rather nice thought to get me through the next week or so until all assessments are handed up.


The house. It has been on the market a week so far, and we have had 3 couples through, with one couple interested enough to be coming back this Saturday for another look. We still are just taking it one day at at time, and are not getting worked up or even excited that they will put and offer in and buy the place….well maybe just a little hint, a little stir of what I could call anticipation of what could possibly happen,,,,, 🙂


Health. I am not doing anything dramatic, either way. Not being unhealthy and eating all the junk food in the world and not being super strict either.
I have decided to take my lunch each day to uni, snacks too… as it is the cheapest, easiest, nicer way to eat… and less boring  – the Cafe at the uni has had the contract for more than 5  years and has had the same style salads on offer the whole time. Bleuggh.

I also parked a little way off today and walked in. This too is an economical decision and a boredom decision…. making me move, saving me cash and I get to look at the pretty scenery in the suburb that the Uni is situated in.


School holidays. The kids have gone to their grannies overnight tonight! and we are off to have tea with lovely friends! So excited. I should really, really be sitting here reading and writing and pondering…but I think I will enjoy dinner just as much.

As a kind-of ‘farewell’ we had a bbq dinner and a games night last night with the kids. It was a delicious meal and a hilarious board game with ended with Miss L slipping off her chair, flinging the score board plus associated markers across the room, landing on floor with a thump and promptly farting loudly. Hysterical laughter ensued. It was a memorable night.
And one they will remember for a long time. Isn’t that what childhood is all about? Those memorable moments that you continue to recall well into adulthoood???
Then I am so glad to be able to offer those to my children.


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