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Getting up early to walk? NOPE

June 10, 2015

There was no walk this morning, just a glorious moment, or two moments, when I rolled over and hit ‘Stop’ on my alarm. Rolling back over to snuggle back in and sleep for a further hour. Glorious!

But that does mean that plans needed to change so that a walk could happen today, as promised to myself.

So once I had picked the kids up from school we changed and headed out to take a wander along the creek. I informed the kids that walking along this lovely part of the local creek would be stopping once we moved… that made them go quiet, this often happens when discussing the “negative” parts of the move. I guess I feel it too, for I am making an effort to get down there a bit more as well.

We walked along to the first ford, the kids threw rocks into the water and we then headed home as the cool night air began to swirl around us. All up we walked for 40mins, and it was lovley.

I also hit 10,000 steps again today, 3 days in a row, 3 days of exercise in that too. I am pleased with that, given how busy we are cleaning and renovating.

Also I weighed in at WW tonight… and after all that crappy food, the lack of exercise, the coffee’s and cakes and the general malaise for 4 weeks… I lost .100g.  Weird. But there you go.

So it is onto a new week for me, 10,000 steps per day, walking each day, eating healthy food, tracking and lots of water. The usual things that make me feel great.

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