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Easter and Eating….still

April 9, 2015

Easter:  the fun has been had and now it is time to get back to normal life… except I seem to be still hung up on eating carbs and chocolate… I really need to shake the cravings, and soon!

We had a fantastic Easter family  holiday (mum and dad, sister and her family, brother and his family and my own family) on the local Island ‘Kangaroo Island‘ – such an amazing place to be, and the views and the landscapes and the scenery and the and the… are all so gorgeous and breathtaking! I took too many photo’s as I wanted to capture it all.
My BIL and sister lived on the island for a few years, and take holidays there regularly – so they were our tour guides – taking us to places many tourists miss out on, as well as taking us to the popular haunts.

The coastline of this place is rugged and buffeted by strong winds, with big waves crashing…. and I LOVE it!

But it also has calm days where the ocean is clear and aqua blue. Just stunning.

I will post a few pics of our holiday later on.


So on Wednesday my WW leader  oops now coach…. challenged us to extend our exercise points that little bit more this week – upping it by 7 or 1 a day. Having come home from a holiday where I have eaten foods that make my tummy rumble like a volcano including the hot lava up my esophagus, I resolved to move more this week.
And so far I have done just that, a 40 minute gym workout yesterday and a 1 hour walk today. Tomorrow will be the gym again, and Saturday a walk. I am aiming for 10,000 steps a day too.

Eating: yes well, sitting here reflecting on the week…. well it is no wonder I feel a bit bluegh. I have memories of chips and crackers, and butter and chocolate, and white bread sandwiches. Really? I ate all that? and probably other stuff too………
Hmmmm. It really is time to pull my head in and stop lying to myself that I am okay to eat this stuff.
Cos SELF you are not.

There is no point doing all this exercise if I am just going to fill my gob with crap.

Time to move on and eat the food that makes me feel as good as exercising does.

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