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March 30, 2015

**I had better post this recap of Feb before April hits me in the face!!**

What. Wait. March of 2015 here… already. Yowsers.

I will say my silence again had equaled busy.
Here is what the last month has been like for me…

Uni has started for the year, I am “officially” a fourth year student of this degree, although I have been ticking off subjects like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book… a 4th year subject as a 1st year, a 1st year subject in my 3rd year. It has been one mixed up ride, but one that I am slowly, slowly drawing to the end of, and now have 6 subjects left until I graduate. WOW!
This year I only have 4 subjects to do, and next year will do my last 2, which are placements in High Schools. I could have finished the whole degree this year, but my ongoing commitment to Comedy Capers Gang Show has some serious placement dates clashing… and doing both would make me explode mentally and emotionally… and that is not what I am about anymore. So 4 this year, 2 next and I am done. And I am happy with that.
Also, I am still unsure as to where this degree will take me, as I am not 100% certain that a traditional classroom is for me – so this will give me time to explore some other avenues of teaching that will work for me and my family.

I have taken photo’s on my phone all month with the thought that they will be in a blog post – so I will use them to guide the rest of this post {and others as we were busy} to show how my month of February ran by…

Early on in the month we, as in Miss almost-eleven and I, went on a short trip to Melbourne for 3 days. Partly due to cheap air-fares on offer and mostly to visit great friends of ours. Her BFF moved over there 18 months ago and they have kept in contact through letter writing {ohh the old values still alive and kicking! – love it}. And my friend moved there 8 years {!!} ago, so it was a weekend of driving the Melbourne free-ways, which I did with flying colours and a trusty GPS! {thanks Matt!} and spending time with lovely friends. We went with another girlfriend of mine, and her 8 yr old daughter, so it was a great mother-daughter weekend.

As soon as we hopped off the plane, it is such a short trip – 1 hour 10mins, we picked up our hired car and drove straight to this gorgeous mansion. IMG_3843It is one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and also famous for this movie… of which we are Huge Fans! It does have a bit of a cult following… but is not for everyone 🙂 But we LOVE it!

We spent a lovely and very hot Melbourne day wandering the grounds and the rooms and exclaiming excitedly when we came across rooms or gardens that we recognised from the movie. Ahh, such a lovely day. We then crossed the city {in peak hour!!} and headed to my traveling partner’s sisters house, where we relaxed in some well needed air-conditioning and watched ‘The Pirate Movie’…. just to cement the memories… ya know….

The next day we were up early to traverse again across Melbourne city to drop Miss L to her friends house. We stopped for a cuppa and chat with said friends Mum and left Miss L there for a sleepover – which felt very odd!
Then it was onto this gorgeous girls house….. IMG_3879Where we had planned to have a long chats, plenty of wine, dinner and more wine and then a sleepover.

Lots of laughter, D&M’s, wine and a fantastically delicious and healthy meal later and things began to get a bit silly…. but it was a wonderful evening! Thank you and love you lots Melly…

IMG_3872  Our last day in Melbourne, I left early to pick up Miss L – who had had a great an evening with her friend going to Etihad stadium to watch Melbourne City Football Club play. They were sad to part company, but L was pleased to be back with me. We again criss-crossed the city {113km this day!!} and met up with our traveling partner and friends in a lovely little town in the Dandenongs – Sassafras. A quaint little town with Cafe’s and cute stores. IMG_3908

We wandered up and down the street until closing time and then headed back to our commendation for the night, had a stunning meal cooked for us and promptly collapsed into bed at 10pm! Our flight was at 8:45am the next morning, not too early, but still there was a long drive to the airport across the city {again!} to navigate, and two nervy mothers  😉 so we were up early.
We arrrived back in Rad’s at 9:30am and I took L to school – and I went home and did some housework. Such a weird cross of worlds – we were in Melbourne peak hour and then we were home doing housework… all before lunch… ahh the wonders of airline travel.


Our little kittens are growing up and becoming big cats. They are very cute and often annoying… especially when they decide that their kitty litter is not an acceptable place to poo/wee. We have been very active in making sure it is always scooped and cleaned out often – as there are two of them – but sometimes I guess they still decide that it is not up to their fussy cat standards. One thing they do do if they cannot find each other with call out with a different cry and wait until the other one responds – it is kinda adorable to hear.



I have been making it to the gym – semi-regularly…I would love to be able to go 5 days a week, but at this time it is just not possible. So I am happy to make it to twice, and ecstatic to go three times a week. I am thinking of doing a small challenge for the month of March and trying to get there 3-4 times a week – but I have to sit down with my diary first.

At the gym we have this new beast of a machine… the stair climber…


it is so high up that your head is about 10-15cm off the roof. I had a go the other day when I was the only one at the gym (it’s a 24/7 gym) – I could look like a dick with no-one watching 😀 I have to admit that it is a bloody good workout!!! I did 5 mins and my heart rate was sitting up at 170bpm and was not slowing down. I should do 5 mins each time I go there…. that will show my legs/heart who is boss -hahaha!

The other thing I have been doing consistently is WALKING – my first love and favourite activity. Also because my two girls do a lot of activities out of school, so when J is on shift and it is just me to drive them around I take the time to walk, either with one of them or on my own.

 This walk was down near Glenelg – along the Patawalonga – Miss A was canoeing with Cubs and I was walking in some lovely weather, and listening to the water lapping. I was listening to my favourite podcast, but my 5 yr old headphones decided that time was up for them #kickthebucket.IMG_3991

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