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A post that was written AND posted the same day – AMAZING!

March 30, 2015

I love blogging, but I just can’t seem to find a few minutes each day to post something. I need to change this – I need to replace one habit with another and Candy Crush…… Your fired!
Let me add that I am not a total addict of the game… I only have gotten up to level 35.. and generally only play it when I am sitting in the car bored waiting for someone, or have a few minutes to sit and relax. But it has to go.

So whats been going on? Well I just posted a recap of February and now it is the end of March… I am playing catch-my-tail a fair bit of late. I mean to change this.

I am also at the end of a Uni intensive – that was once a week for 7 weeks…so not all that intensive at all – just a summer school class really. It was good one with lots of teaching idea’s and practical activities to store away for the future! I don’t have anything now until July – which is a ‘real’ intensive that runs for 5 days straight.

I am also in the middle of the rehearsal season of the Gang Show I am, and my whole family, is involved in. We had the weekend camp last weekend and it was very successful but very tiring! I am in charge of catering and there were 185 HUNGRY scouts and guides to feed. But feed them we did, and very well to I guess as there has not been any feedback/complaints. Oh yes there was – but it was only to ask if there was any more lettuce to go on their salad rolls…………. Yes – they are healthy little humans!

I am also feeling fit and healthy – walking when I can, going to the gym when I can, managing to hit 10,000 steps on my pedometer a few times a week. My eating has been pretty good, tracking my food, eating plenty of veggies when I can. I am still attending Weight Watchers meetings and am still above the weight I began at, but it is coming down slowly. I go for the support, the motivation, the accountability – not solely for weight loss as it is not a quick process for me. I find if I keep this in mind I do well each week, rather than hating myself for my lack of ability to lose a kilo a week like others seem to do. As well, I keep in mind that that  the meetings are a bit like FB – you only see a snap shot of members lives, you only hear from those who are losing and it is hard to keep track if it is a regular weight loss – SO my journey is mine and that is okay.
SEE acceptance – I would rather be fit and active and happy – than sad that I am not losing weight. It is a choice I have made and feel good for it.

I have also just had my husband home for 3 weeks after surgery on his knee, from when he hurt it here.  His first day back at work is today and I have the house to myself {quiet Yipppeeeeeee}. I am the sole driver at the moment, which is getting a little trying – but we are half way through the exclusion of driving so it wont take long.

Today I have tidied up, vacuumed, done washing, shopped, done the dishes, and after I post this I am off to do school pick up, pick up some homework to do for becoming the new Year 6/7 netball coach…{Don’t ask} and then to the local Police Station {or J’s workplace} to have my identity verified for child safety and Volunteering at the school – then tea time and run Miss L to her guide meeting where I should go for a walk while waiting the 1.5hrs for her to finish. I am sitting on 8000 steps already today so I will see how I feel. Busy day, afternoon and evening.

Hope your day was productive!

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