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Bounce up and down…..

January 26, 2015

Mostly my days plans don’t go as I would have them go. I think this is due to us {me and the husband} being quite happy to change plans at a moments notice – such as calling in to my parents house for a cuppa on the way home from an event, rather than going home and making the kids go to bed on time. I think this is also due to it just my lot in life.

Yesterday, we headed to one of the newest crazes in town – “BOUNCE is a spring-loaded urban playground with a wide range of things to do with kids; where hard surfaces are replaced with circus-grade sponge, giant air bags and springs”.

We booked our session and paid our money on line and headed there yesterday for 5pm. While waiting for our time slot, we viewed the trampoline playground from above on the mezzanine floor and I commented to J that the amount of women over the age of 35 for startling few. As in 1, possibly 2. There were a few more Dads/Men around – but only 5-10…. it is a very young activity to partake in it seems.


Well, I had paid for the four of us to Bounce, and bounce I would – even if in the very, very minority of the session.

First we lined up on the ‘bounce along a long trampoline and jump into an air and foam filled pillow’ – the girls went first, then J and then me. Boy was I nervous…mainly about getting out of that foam and air pillow – and I wasn’t far wrong. It took more strength and ab muscles than I thought to maneuver my body from an upside down-legs in the air position to an upright, climbing out of the cushion position. But I did it.

Here I am “flying” through the air….


gee I actually thought I went really high…..

We all had another go or two of this activity, and as I was standing off to one side clearing a piece of dust out of my eye, when I noticed that J had ‘bounced’ off the tramp into the air cushion and had not surfaced. I then noticed the attendance helping him up and watched as he limped up the walkway and back to the seating area and the attendants were calling for ice.


We had been there 10 minutes.

And he sat out the rest of the session, with a very pained expression on his face. Partly due to missing out and mostly due to actual pain. Sigh.

The girls and I carried on our Bounce session, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and remained uninjured, and I was one of the eldest there! Although now I may have some understanding as to why not many mums/older ladies Bounce….. your Pelvic Floor Muscles need to be strong, very strong……..for one hour of jumping up and down certainly puts them through their paces!!!  I had thought about this situation will admit here to being properly prepared for any potential mishaps…… I didn’t want to be the old, overweight and wet crotch’d woman on the trampolines!!!

Here are some of the other trampolines we bounced on and highlights of the day out…..


And back to having plans not go as planned for me…. Now I have a husband with torn ligament {a trip to emergency at the local hospital confirmed} who is on complete rest for a few days. So out nice dinner out ended with salad and chips from the local chip shop, an emptied-wardrobe-into-the-lounge-while-we-paint {that is only half done}, back to school for the kids tomorrow and a family gathering in a park to attend today. Sigh.


And back to that salad and chips last night – I ate way, way, way too much! Our local chip shop has the most delicious chips, and I just could not stop munching them. And then when we went to pick up J, we all had a Macca’s Ice-cream cone – I ended up feeling really sick.

So this morning, while I lay there at 5:15am with a growling, groaning digestive system trying to clear the crappy food out…. I hatched a plan to get up and go to the gym, this public holiday Monday. And by 5:55am I was on the treadmill walking my way to a better day…. 6.5km and 8000 steps later and I felt so so so much better! I really needed to move – move my body, move my mind to a better place for the day and move my thoughts away from the hatred I was feeling for myself and my eating last night. AND it worked.

I need to move now too – with a husband laid up in bed, all those small jobs are now mine and I have a lot to do!

Have a great day. Happy Australia Day!

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