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December 2, 2014

Uni is finally over for the year of 2014! Yah! and Exhale! both at the same time.
I am kinda tired of talking about it, and I am sure those few readers left are kinda tired of hearing reading about it. Today was the last day of my placement – a few weeks on from the “actual” finish date. We had to do 20 complete days at a school and I only did 18 days in the allotted 4 weeks, as I had one off due to a child’s illness and one off due to the school asking us to not come in on a particular Monday. So I had to ‘make-up’ 2 extra days.

I never mentioned it before, but one of the teachers I was working with – well – I didn’t really like her teaching style. We got on well and could talk easily, but her approach to students made me cringe {there is more…but tis the internet and all…and I do want to work in the future}. So I made my ‘make-up’ days on days I knew she had off…….for my own sanity and for the fact I am doing a lot of work and paying a lot of money to become a teacher and to not be mentally destroyed so early on.  I know I will work with all sorts of styles of teachers in the years to come, as I have in my past 20 years of working, but I really needed to be with teachers who inspired me rather than leaving me feeling demoralised. So I made the choice to pick the days I wanted, that would make me feel positive in this journey toward a teaching career – as this is about me really. And I don’t think this teacher and I will ever work together… mainly due to age difference and retirement.

I was pleased with the days I chose, last week was a good day full of kitchen practicals, and this week was an excursion to the Central Markets with Yr 9’s. I was a bit apprehensive about being ‘in-charge’ of a group of Yr 9’s…but needn’t have worried – for only 4 turned up to attend the excursion….out of a class of 22 students! This lack of attendance was for many reasons… but it was a free excursion, I would of thought they would of loved that?? I guess, free can also be seen as no need for commitment.
Anyway – the 7 of us {3 teachers + 4 students} had a very relaxing day in the market, a nice lunch and a great relax at a newly renovated park in the city. We left the city early, arrived back at school early and I was told that I could leave early too. So yes, a very pleasant day to end my placement. And my Uni year.


The other week I went out for a walk, just after the official placement days were over and I had a sudden thought! I now can concentrate of me, my fitness, my eating, my life, my kids, my family….etc. And what a great feeling that was. I have purposely made Uni very low key next year – so I can do what I want more – and now it is all over I CAN BEGIN!

So I have.

Walking, going to the gym, eating good food, tracking – and losing some weight. I looked back over some records kept and noticed that this year I gain 6kg, same as last year, same as the year before that as well. And while it crept on I never noticed, I kinda ignored, and carried on. Now with all that creeping, and ignoring, and struggling, I am 20kg above my WW goal weight. And by gosh that hurts to write that.

and as a baker… to put that into perspective for me, to have it real – I think of it in flour bags. Or one… and they are heavy to carry around.

Like my 20kg.

It weighs heavy on my feet, ankles, knees, hips and mostly on my mind.

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