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Week 2

November 9, 2014

2 weeks finished and two weeks to go.

This week was somewhat better – I began to feel like I can confidently talk to the students without the them looking at me like I have two heads. I have met some really nice young people, and some who are really struggling, and some who could just do with a few more years under their immature belts and they will become great adults. There are those too who could end up wandering down a path of trouble if they are not careful. But this could just be a cross section of any community really 🙂 Even a workplace full of people over the age of 18.

I have taught small sections of lessons – writing up and checking over Evaluation questions from the Practicals, and writing up a recipe on the board to be copied into books and discussing the various aspects of the method.

This week I am running a half lesson on serving guest – this learning is necessary as the Yr 10’s are catering for and serving a lunch on Friday. As well as this I am in charge of the dessert section in the kitchen on the Friday for prep work and plating up. And I am also going an excursion to the Central Markets with the yr 11’s. So it should be a busy and productive week, that will fly by.

J’s new job has been going well, and I think he is enjoying it – it’s that ol adjustment phase that makes it difficult… this week he  has some days off during the week, so that will ease the pressure of the house, kid duties including extra-curricular activities and the OSHC bill for this week.

I have been eating really well. Packing a lunch each day is so much easier then looking staring in the fridge for inspiration at 12:30pm when your starving! I have been cutting carrot stix to eat on the drive home… making the time go faster, the boredom less and the veggie intake greater.

I have been trying to get out and walk each morning. But as each evening is getting later with the kids extra-curricular activities, J’s overtime is occurring more often – I am becoming more tired from being a teacher each day and finding that I am hopping into bed later. The mornings are early enough without adding on 30 mins to walk. Weak excuse. But it is what it is.

Now it is 10:12pm and I need to head to bed. I have had a lovely and much needed weekend with my family – and I have not done one little bit of the Uni and school work that I should have done. So it will have to be done in the AM.

Night all. Enjoy your day tomorrow, whatever you may be doing xx

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