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November 3, 2014

Wow.  I am one week down, and have three to go.

Day 1 was good, day 2 sucked, day 3 was an improvement on day 2, and day 4 was better too.

I knew there would be a day or two of suckiness… it’s the adjustment phase, the bit were you have to be there but don’t really fit in, the part where everyone seems strange and the learning of new things is at it’s greatest. That was Wednesday. I got in the car at the end of the day and cried. And worked out ways I could get out of the whole damn thing. And then settled down, after a good cry period of reflection and figured I would give it one more day. Luckily, thankfully, that day was much better and I began to see that I could do this. It may take some time, but I know I will get there. Learning curves are hard work.

I am working with some nice teachers, and as I settle in to their rhythms and routines and teaching styles I think I will feel better and more confident that I can tackle a class on my own. I have to end up teaching two lessons in the 4th week, and hopefully will work out on Tuesday with my mentor teacher just what that will be about so I can begin planning.



Ahhahahahahahhaaaaaa what a funny word. Any new changes for me always end up in me feeling overwhelmed, out of routine and under-prepared. And the first thing to ‘go’ is fitness and workouts. This weeks changes of routine were double-whammied as J had a change of position, a new uniform and a whole new set of shifts {mid-week no less}… meaning our new routine, 2 days old, was blown to bits and we started a new morning routine, on the run. And run we did to play catch up. So the new routine had me doing this……
I had Monday off from school, but worked at the shop all day and had time to go to the gym in the AM…. and then I had time to walk this morning {Sunday}  – and that is it.

Apart from trying to work out this new routine of mine ours, I also was so absolutely stuffed! Each evening I would crash on the couch keep doing all the normal mum things…. guides, scouts, washing etc etc and then when I did fall into bed, I slept soundly as I was so tired I could not get up earlier even if I had tried. Uggh. This teaching gig is a tough one.

Next week I hope that I will be a little more acclimatised and aim to go to bed a little earlier – and get up 30 mins earlier and walk for half hour each day. J’s new shifts have him home in morning, so I can spend a bit more time not rushing around to get everyone ready and out the house.



I have worked at keeping my food under control this week. Taking my own recess, lunch and a veggie stick snack for on the way home. And I feel good for it. Friday was International Teachers Day and there were some delicious cakes and goodies out for us to eat  – Yum! Saturday and Sunday for me are always difficult days, but I tried to keep my eating under control. But I still, as always, could cut back on stuff.

I spent the afternoon yesterday baking and making stuff for lunches during the next week, and tonight I plan on writing out again a little menu, so I do not stand in the fridge wondering just what there is to eat. I aim again to take all food, and not to eat anything in those Home Ec kitchens…. I have watched where they put their hands!!!!


Now I am off to clean up the house a bit. Go to bed and begin it all again.


Added: Today sucked. And  I can see that many more of my days will be the same – just gotta keep on swimming.

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