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A few days on….

October 25, 2014

A few days on and I would like to follow up……

Meggsy – the lost cat – has been found but sadly had already been dead a few days 😦 J buried her and he and the girls {I was at work} had a mini funeral to mark the short but very special couple-of-months-shy-of-two-years that she had been in our family. She was a ballsy cat, and would often stand in the road and do her ‘meh’ meow at us. So I guess it was inevitable that she was found near the road, among the grass.
We plan on getting another cat, after a short holiday that is coming up, and if we can plan it well – we will give a kitten for Christmas to the girls. Though this time we are planning on cat doors and a outdoor-fenced in cat run. I cannot do an animal in my house 24/7… so this time we plan on doing things a better way, and hopefully be able to love the kitty and have it in the family a lot longer.

The big feels last week – I can only put it down to a major crash in hormones, which left me sad, angry, depressed and wanting out of this life – walking out that is. I wanted to walk and walk and walk. Far away from all the troubles.  Somewhat sadly, that is not happening, for I have responsibilities and hopefully a leveling out of hormones {already on their way} and life will return the the normal I know, and I will wait for it to happen again in a few months.J was particularly worried, doing his own interwebz research on hormonal depression or something. I don’t know how to solve it, wait for my period I guess…. but I do know that I don’t have the mental energy to fight it.

The weight issues…. on going…. happily ever after. Also see above ^^ hormones I am looking at you… and sadly along with the depression is eating for me – sugar and chocolate and all the things which make you feel rotten. And bloated. And sad. And rotten. I am not in a spot to chirpily say “I will begin again, and everything will be good in a week, I will feel better….blah blah…” But I have to stop the munching for it only leads to further weight gain, that is nigh on impossible to shift.  I plan on walking tomorrow in the morning. and that is all I can promise.

The have it all family member – has given up the house by the beach due to building inspection issues. I still am firm on the family gathering nonattendance.

The assignment is now at 1100 words and I feel in a comfy spot that I still have plenty left to say – and will make the 2000 strict word limit no worries.

The placement – now on Tuesday…. 3 sleeps. I spoke to a fellow uni student who is 2 weeks through her placement and she assured me I have nothing to worry about. It will be fine. She told me of the things she has done, and I feel like I can cope with that. I hope I will!

So emotionally and mentally I am slowing feeling like I am returning to normal. Physically…. nope not yet – I ate a coleslaw the other day full of raw onions!! And oh boy did my gut swell. By the time I got to bed, my belly hurt from the bloating and my guts were in a twisted mess. I hope to try to contain my eating tomorrow a little bit more and take some baby steps out of this mess.


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