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New hair

October 16, 2014
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We are still missing our kitty cat – meggsy šŸ˜¦ That lead I spoke about in the last post, well the cat we went to look at was so incredibly like her {maybe an Uncle or her dad??} that I was sure it was her when I saw her from across the road. Then when we got up close, the cats face was definitely different, more masculine, and the body was larger. Definitely not our cat. So now we just keep checking FB sites and called rescue places in hope…..

UniĀ  – I have just enrolled this morning for 2015’s subjects – only 4… and only doing one at time. It will be nice! I don’t begin now until Feb 11th next year, so once this placement is over on Nov 21st I will have 2.5 months off. So looking forward to it.
I only have 6 subjects left and I feel it – I am over writing academic words.

I had hair cut yesterday – as per usual I leave my hair to grow out way past it’s time-for-cutting date, and then the colour also look shit – so when I go in to hairdresser I normally feel so bloody awful and daggy that I go to extremes for the colour/cut……. and just say to the hairdresser – go your hardest. Meaning then, I never know what I will come out looking like. But then again, eh, it’s only hair and it will grow back thinkĀ  and heavy like it normally does.

Eg: new colour and cut….

Lucy and I

From this….

new hair15.10.14

To this…

It is rather different…..

But I like it. It’s light in colour, and light in weight {I have thick hair and the hairdresser always has a great time with those thinning scissors!}

I am writing a Uni assignment today – so I had better get off here and begin.

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