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Missing. Health. Uni. Ramble. Unload.

October 14, 2014

We have a missing kitty cat. 😦 And while I am not a huge animal fan, I have gotten used to her presence around the place. Her pitiful ‘mow’ when she is not able to get into a room/on a bed/out the back door fast! enough! We had an exciting lead this afternoon on ‘Lost pets of South Australia’ – with a cat sighting that looks remarkably like her….but according to the finders it was a male cat, and we have a female. Our cat is a ginger- called Meggsy {pretty original huh} and is a rarity to be ginger and female.


Meggsy as a kitten.


Full grown fluffy cat

The only other real issue that makes up think it is not our cat is that this cat has been sighted 14km’s away, up in the foothills above Adelaide – not sure how our cat could have gotten up there??!!?? Anyway – we have two very unhappy children who are missing their Meggsy. I hope she comes home soon.


Life has settled back into what I call normal… me working 2.5 days a week and spending the rest of the week looking after my family, the house, and myself! It feels good and the family are happy – and so am I. Loving it!

Now that I have this time I have been able to get into a routine of exercise and have begun to look forward to it each day. I am walking, going to the gym, gardening and have even been for a bike ride!
This Lea is much nicer to be around – I like her, she can stay as long as she wants…lol.
Body-wise {and my shitty digestive system} – while I am moving more I still have yet to lose any weight, but meh to that. I feel better, I am happier and can feel my fitness improving. Which after all is all I wish for. I have settled into the fact that this is my body/life – shitty digestion and all – and I can only do what I can.
On our bike ride the other day I was discussing with J the next few years regarding Uni and timetables, and what I wanted and what others were expecting of me, and the outcomes for jobs and for me of this degree. It was a good chat and I feel good for finally verbalising what I really feel – and have it validated that it is okay to feel this way.

You see, my Uni degree is not only for me to secure employment. Nuh-uh. Years ago in the beginning of 2010 {5 freaking years!!} when I first began studying at Uni – it was about finally, finally! being able to do something for me that was not baby related, or little kid related, or that revolved around my husbands job/hours – but was to enable me to head out in the world and not only meet new people, but to do something new and exciting and prove to the world {me, my dad, the ugly butt-head who almost ruined my family} that I was someone. Someone who could do this stuff, who had a brain {which I just typed wrong 3 times……sigh} and not just be a mum. So I began that degree and found that I hated one subject – chemistry – so very much that I gave the whole thing up. Then when I began this next degree, I thought that I wanted to do it just for working and a job and a career. But as time goes on I am finding that it is really (for me) more about the getting to the end, or the journey if you will, than the job.

I like my life/work/uni balance that I have right now, just enough of each, keeping me interested, active, cashed up, out in the community, working my brain, meeting people and happy – its right for me, the kids and my husband and I hope I can continue to keep it just so.
So in saying that the next few years for me in regards to Uni will be a LOT slower. I only have 6 subjects left, and while some would say just do them and get it over with…. nope, I aim to get them done in 2 years (4 in 2015, and 2 in 2016), and at the same time will enjoy being with my children as they grow into tweens and progress towards high school; spend time with J and allow his new career to grow; and for me to have time to keep fit and active.
You see, getting a teaching job is not the most important thing on my life’s list…it’s up there {actually not as high as that either 🙂 }... but at this time in our lives it’s lower than the kids and J {and me} – and really they are most important to me.
And fuck me that is so good to say.
It is not something I feel I can say to many people – it either disappoints them, or makes them tell me {or have that look}  that I am not cut out for teaching if I don’t have a burning desire to get out there and teach, and change, and be empowering.

but I am okay with only telling those that count…. like you 3 still reading this almost-dead-but-back-from-the-grave blog.

So in saying all that I hope then that I will be graduating in early 2017 {and hopefully dodge the masters degree that is being reported to be coming shortly to Australian teachers}.

It’s good to have it out there, verbalised and validated that what I am doing is okay. I will not burn at the stake for feeling these things. I just won’t mention to those die hards at Uni……….. there are a few.


Anyway, this ramble got longer than I anticipated. And its late.
And that cat sighting lead has gotten hot again.
We are heading up there in the morning to double check that it is not our cat, as it looks so damn like her – see….


This is the cat that has been found…..


This is the picture we put on the site….

See how close they look….I know if we don’t go and check it with our own eyes we will forever wonder and fret that we didn’t try harder….

I will keep you posted…..

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  1. Plum permalink
    October 15, 2014 11:24 am

    I thought the same thing this week: I’m 42 this is my body – I think I should just finally learn to accept it too. Hope Meggsy turns up.

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