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September 16, 2014

Time has moved on, as I knew it would, and my commitment level has dropped off. I have far more free time than I have had for a while and I am loving it already. Tonight I even managed to go for a WALK!

The Guide Gang Show finished with great success, and while I hated being ‘trapped’ some of the weeks, in the end I really enjoyed being part of the gang and being able to ‘give back’ to a great group of young girls/woman. Volunteering is so worth while.

Uni is slowing right down –  it is Week 8 of this semester. I had an assignment due today {passed with another D+ yah!} and two more question/answer activities in another subject to finish off before the end of next week {I have allocated this Thursday to get them done} and have three more lectures to attend at a TAFE. Then all I have left is a 4 week placement {October – November} and an assignment due on November 26th. Easy.

Work has changed too as the lady that works with mum and I is back from her trip to Europe and is back to work all day Wednesday’s and the evenings on Thursday. So I will have much more time to be with my family and exercise… but I will be a little poorer due to less working hours 😦 but I am much happier with the alternative.

Tomorrow evening I plan on walking again – just an easy 30 mins, and on Thursday I finally have time to go to the gym again! I know, I have paid each week and never attended – which is an ultimate hate of mine. But I was so trapped in what i was doing, there just seemed no time to get there.

Also what sucks is that I am so very unfit now, which is a gross feeling. It’s hard to get up off the floor, climbing steps makes me puffed out and embarrassed and I have a ‘ball’ again in my gut making it hard to do up shoes.
My diet has taken a turn for the worst too – starting work at 9am, finishing at 5:30pm, going straight to the theatre for 6pm and getting home at 11pm…..6 days of last week…. certainly took its toll.
I need to eat better food and drink much more water.
And I plan to do just that tomorrow. I would like to hope that I do not get that busy again {although it may well happen} but I am going to work on saying no to stuff, as my health and fitness is a high priority to me and I can’t keep doing this. I am getting larger and larger each time and it cuts deep to see and feel it happening.

Time to begin to enjoy being me again, enjoy time with my kids and husband and getting back to a life I love!

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