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Day off wtih a Migraine = suckful.

September 16, 2014

I wrote this on August 22nd……

A day off and I have a bit of free time to write again.
This morning I woke with a migraine. Not a thumping one felt when I gained consciousness, but my other style of migraine {how lucky to have two different ones….:/ } as I stumbled to the bathroom I noticed that my vision was weird and a few seconds later registered that my flashy black and white aura had made itself at home.

My aura’s look like this around the edge of my eyes and go in about half way of my vision – very distracting and unnerving. I hopped back into bed with an ice pack on my neck, a eye mask to dull the light and a coupe of neurofen.

On waking an hour later and stumbling around to get the kids sorted for school I noticed the glorious day outside and knew in an instant that I had to be out in it, walk in it, be feeling it and breathing it in.

The season is in change – and that makes me so very very happy.

So I decided to walk for an hour. I don’t have much time these days for long walks, but today, I made time. And it was lovely, therapeutic and amazingly glorious.
I have been so super busy that I had momentarily forgotten how much I love walking – with a warm sun on me. I still felt rotten, but the day was too nice to let a pesky migraine get the better of me.



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