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I miss here…..

September 6, 2014

I miss my blog, I miss having time each day to write something – spilling my ever revolving thoughts onto ‘paper’.

I miss being outside. I miss having a clean house.

I miss my family. I miss the life I love.

Heard this before??? {I would do linky links…but time I do not have to look….}

OH yes – I am Week 7 of Uni…… 3 subjects {last time I EVER do that many at once ….I swear}, a Gang Show commitment, 30+ hrs at work a week, a new way of eating, a family, a husband studying for a big exam and a home.

It’s piling up.

But soon it will slowly stop until I am free. CAN NOT WAIT!


Did I ever mention my new way of eating… low FODMAP diet? Ah I must get to that….
Anyway it has been the most consistent thing to stop my severe heartburn {other than medication – which I refuse to take for the rest of my life….} the bloating and general uncomfortableness. It is not easy at times, and I don’t always follow it to the letter, but mostly it makes my esophagus happy – which makes my days easier – and ultimately me happy.

So for now, while I have not got time to carry on with the full elimination diet and challenges, I will eat mostly FODMAP free and comfortable.

Oh and one funny thing I have noticed – how strong is onion to taste in foods!! I cannot have it, or garlic and phew they are strong! hahahahahaha

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