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Day off

August 7, 2014

I have a day off today – well – sort of. My work at the moment is busy – and with one worker away on a European holiday means the two of us left are working harder. So I am having the majority of the day off and then heading in to do 2-3 hours work to help out a bit. I did this yesterday too – so that will mean a 6 day working week for me. On top of all the other things I have going on – I am stuffed.

Also we have painted our lounge room, and need to buy some new bit of furniture to go into it. So we are off to IKEA later today to see if there is anything that grabs my attention and will suit the rest of my house. It’s not normally where I would shop for furniture – but a good spot to go for interim pieces until we earn more money/shift home/ make a final decision on style 🙂


I am still working on this elimination diet – it is tough some days with so much going on – as you need to be organised, have food cooked, have food available to cook etc. I am getting some terrible cravings, although that could of been hormones….. but it could also be the ‘giving up’ of some foods. I have had a few bites here and there and can tell when I have… the gassy burps and heartburn are back within hours. I need to work more on stopping the bites, licks and tastes {BLT’S}.

I am actually doing better than I thought I would –

  • Drinking lots of herbal teas.
  • Sticking to one cup of coffee a day – I was going to eliminate it totally, but I find it a nice “treat” after lunch and figure it is better than chocolate or some other thing that my body reacts worse to. {I am just drinking instant as it is easy to make with my lactose free milk and cheaper too – also soy is off limits for this elimination – and it is hard to find a close coffee shop with lactose free milk}
  • Not eating wheat – I made my own gluten free/wheat free bread mix the other day and made 4 rolls and a big round foccacia style flat bread. Which I cut into 8 triangles, so that is nice for lunches toasted with roasted veg and meat etc.
  • Making my snacks fit in with the food list.


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