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And another month –

July 26, 2014

Time is flying. Months disappear in a blink.

I feel like I am clinging on for dear life – and am wanting to yell Stop!

But I am also trapped somewhat. Trapped into a weekly rhythm that I agreed to – but now find it’s drowning me.

I work – 20-28 hours per week, I study 2-3 Uni subjects at a time, I live with a shift-worker, I have a family to care for, a home to look after, friends to see, family to catch up with, exercise to do, health to maintain.

And I am skimming them all. Just.  And I hate it.

This is me verbalising a  mini-meltdown over a complete lack of time to attend to anything fully.

And another way of avoiding a rather large and horrible assignment. That is worth 60% and is due on Friday.

I am mostly done…. well 3/4 done.

And I am still so unsure if I am doing the right thing – or if I am on the right track. It is not something I have ever done before and while I researched and questioned everyone… I still find myself doubting myself {But then that is what I do}.

I need to move away from the internet and open files, and word docs and at least look interested……

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