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One very messy house.

February 9, 2014

Yet again I am bogged down in the routine of sleep, read, write, annotate, read, write, annotate. Then read some more. A large amount of group work is done each day too – 4-5 hrs. We have 28 chapters of a text to read in 10 days – yikes. Most of them noted, with implications and questions. I think its funny? strange? a fact? normal? a sign? scary? that mine all seem to be questioning the why’s of doing all this and the fact I am not ready for this kinda stuff – policies/frameworks etc.

Uni whinge aside – life with full time Uni in the foreground is NUTS. The only saving grace of this….. is that I am half way through. That is all that is getting me through the days.  I should take a picture of my kitchen to show you the evidence of days spent with noses in books…. oh the bathroom, lounge room, family room and laundry should be in there too! My house is a messy, disorganised haven pit – and I am  ignoring it all. 5 more days.


Well I am doing what I can. When I can. Which is sometimes not at all. Again….5 more days. I really try to not let it get to me… J’s shifts have been early’s this week, we have had hot weather too – and yeah that Uni business. Friday we had a commitment until 10.30am…. so my gym bag was in my car – ready to zip up there straight away and do a workout then home to eat my pre-made lunch {neatly sitting in the fridge} when my group {3 others} decided that they wanted a get together and guilted me into staying… we then sadly chatted uni related stuff until my tummy began to eat itself, and I had to excuse myself and go home and get my lunch {NO WAY was I buying crappy food}. It was now too late for the gym, school pickup occurred, and that was the end of it for  me. Oh and our car broke down that day too – so we ran around getting it assessed by a few places. So that was it. Day over.

Whinging still Lea???

Yes. Yes I am.

Right, its time to move on and get over it. I have an hour to do some……surprise…… Study/reading….. and then I am off to my nephews 2nd Bday at the beach {lots of movement can be done!!} and then quickly home to head out to my catering commitment that I have each week. Home by 9.30pm, read a bit more and then bed. Up early to the gym {finally!} and to begin my last 5 days of this course. Counting down!

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