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Challenging weeks of the school holidays.

January 12, 2014

It’s been a busy few days around here with my youngest daughters 7th Birthday –

Dragon Riders of Berk is a favourite at the moment

Dragon Riders of Berk is a favourite at the moment

we have had two family dinners, one kids party, a birthday movie treat and a friends gathering. All of these, while great fun – play total havoc on my desire need to eat simple foods that do not give me digestion issues. I really have to be organised, and prepared with food I can eat, I also need to be mentally prepared to sit at the tables surrounded by all sorts of fun, often evil, everyday foods that if eaten will have me lying awake at 3am with the sweats and wishing I could turn back time – and swearing this time I will quit it all if the pain will go away…..

So it has been a testing few days. I have eaten well most of the time – but my hand still snakes out and grabs a bit, not much, but a bit of this and that – one or two potato chips, a slurp or two {or three or four} at a frozen slushie {gosh they are yummy…}, a finger swipe at the frosting on the cake, an odd frankfurter left on the plate, a few Mc chips… like I said not much – but I still need to work on curbing this – as ‘not much’ does add up over the week and all this up here ↑ is why the scales are not moving. Right there in that last sentence.

I need to make picking at bits ‘n’ bobs one of my 52 weekly habit changing goals.

My other difficulty this school holiday break has been the changing of location of living so frequently…. a quick getaway, house sitting and in a few days we fly to QLD for an 11 day dream holiday. With only 5-10 days being at home in between all this adventure, and the place where I can be really organised with my food/exercise, I just get back into a routine and then we are off again…. It has been quite challenging. Of course Christmas was in there too, also added to that is J’s shift working hours, no school – so kids full time, super hot weather and gym closures. While I can’t wait to see friends in QLD and enjoy my holiday, I look forward to coming home and having a good length of time to become more settled into a routine of healthy eating and exercise.

Totally trying not to sound like a whinger here…. we have been very fortunate this school break to be able to do the things we have…. it just helps to have it out there and not swirling around in my brain.


Now it is late in the morning, 10am! eeek – and I still have not had breakie. Time to get moving and eat!

It’s going to be are warm day here – 33º – and also the rest of the week will be up around 40º {104 in F} so very hot – we plan on spending much time in the pool! At least I can stay in the deep end and tread water for exercise 🙂


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