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General rambling – very rambling and 52 Habit Changes!

January 7, 2014

I need to read back each day what I have written the day before – mainly to clear my head of the muddle and read in clear form what it is I really want. From this year. From me.

I got another subject grade back yesterday – another Distinction. For the 9 subjects I completed this year – I received achieved 1 High Distinction, 6 Distinctions and 1 High Credit, oh and for those  who add as they go – 1 Non Graded Pass.  I think that I have more than proved to myself that I can study at University level, and I can do it pretty well. I really need to work on dismissing the personal self-doubt this year.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to look back on this year without frustration, without being saddened that I had wasted so many good opportunities to ‘fix’ my health.

So I am trying each day to make the most of these hours I have been given to use any way I want to.

I also mentioned that I am having mini {sometimes internal sometimes not :mrgreen: } tantrums at giving up certain foods forever, and I am struggling still with those thoughts/actions, and probably will do so for a while. I find it especially hard at family functions – where the same or similar styles of food are served at each event and have been for decades and have become what makes the occasions so looked forward to – a time to munch on foods I never get to eat at my home. I find the thought that I will never be able to ‘enjoy’ a family gathering again rather difficult, as I am not able choose not to eat that style food any more, food that I always regret eating and which makes me feel so very horrible for hours after the event. But I know it needs to end, and I shake my fist at myself each time I eat it all again at my stupidity, I need to just suck it up, perhaps find a consolation prize reward/incentive to keep me from doing so and learn to live and love family events for the event – not the food.

and I can hear the but…but..but… building already. For this Saturday is my youngest daughters birthday – and we are having a family gathering on Friday night – serving her absolute favourite pasta – Creamy Chicken Fettuccine. A dish full of cream, parmesan, chicken, bacon, pasta and salty flavouring {sounds so gross when written out…..} – and it is one of my weaknesses – both taste bud wise and gut-hurting wise. I need to avoid it. So what shall I do…..ahh –  I need a plan.

I think I will trawl through my old WW cookbooks and make a healthier pasta dish – and serve it with wholemeal pasta too. That way, my mum  who is always wanting to be more health conscious can choose to have a helping too, and so can others if they wish. I will also make a tossed salad. Yep, good, I am happy with that. I love a good plan.

I think to get through these big stumbling blocks such as family gatherings – I need to tackle each one individually, to not start to think that I will be deprived in the future years, but to face each one positively, one at a time, changing this habit bit by bit.


52 changes: 52 weeks of the year

Wk 1: A habit change that I am working on is no sugar in my coffee. I only seem to want it in instant {I am no coffee snob…} but never in cafe coffee. I have cut down over the years from sweeteners to sugar, then less and less sugar until I have been stuck for around 18 months at having 1/4 of a teaspoon – we even have the wee little measuring spoon in sugar pot! and I always get withering looks from my dad  at the ridiculously small amount I ask for when he makes me a coffee.

So it is time for that little bit to go – amazingly it does make a difference with it gone, much like a non-sugar adder having 1/4 added would feel about their beverage….  but I am okay with it – and coping so far – I am 7 days in, no point going back now.

Wk 2: This weeks change is getting up early again to go the gym/exercise. I always love to do so – it makes me feel better, my day more productive, my smug smile settle onto my face. Its time to go back to what worked when I was getting down to a good weight for me, and it works for keeping me at that weight.

In changing this habit – I need to go to bed earlier – and stop playing games on the smart phone… bad, bad thing to do, I resisted for ages, then as last year wore on and I got sick of studying it became an escape to do something different. I actually hate playing stuff on there – such a time waster {I have way too many loved and fun hobbies that I hardly have time for as it is…} and I hate watching other people who are out at events check their phone, or have a quick play….. grrr, So last night I didn’t play anything. So this habit is kinda three in one….. no games, bed early, up early.


Right – now that all of that head jumble is out and clear to read – I am off to begin my day. A child-free, husband home, warm, sunny, fun day.

Smug too – for I was at the gym at 6am, and I began to run again!





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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 14, 2014 9:48 am

    Oh I like the 52 weeks of healthy habits, hmm might have to get on the band wagon with you! I stopped having sugar in my coffee last March when we did that Mad March Challenge and have not looked back! I can’t drink instant coffee anymore I’m officially a coffee snob! We have a coffee pod machine at home so that gets used instead! So I’ve been slack for 2 weeks looks like week 3 is the week for me! Mine can be get up early to go to gym, which i did today! Yay for me!

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