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2014 – Changes

January 7, 2014

**Written on January 2nd – lazily and noncommittally left lying in wait for something to happen… an epiphany perhaps…??**

My alarm went off at 5:50am, and I actually got up, got dressed for a 30 min walk, before I had to be back so the husband could go to work.

After hunting for my iPod shuffle, which I was sure was just on my bedside cabinet the other day and wasn’t now, I only had 25 mins.

Our friendly and likes-to-be-near-you-but-not-sitting-on-your-lap cat followed me all the way down the road, so I walked her back home and left her inside…

Once that was done I could begin my now 20 min walk.

So I walked the 1km down then up a hill to a set of traffic lights and back down the hill and back up to our house.

It was a nice cool and rainy walk – a nice reset for the year to come.

But I will admit to noticing small pains and aches in my body that I haven’t felt for a while. They went away after 10 minutes of walking, but they were from a lack of movement in a while, a lack of fitness and from being heavier than I have been in years. Feet, ankles, knees and hips certainly give good indications of lack of’s…. I hope to change that all this year.


2014 will be a different year for me again… I am still going to be a uni student, but also a worker.

So that adds extra challenges to what I hope will be a year I get my shit sorted. I just went back and read two early posts in Jan 2013… here and here {for those that are keen}

And it saddens and frustrates me to read an almost exact copy of what is flitting about in my head these few days, new year beginnings and all. It turns out I wanted this all 12 months ago, and there has been no change. {and I just read all the same in Jan 2012 😦 }.

So my goal this year – is to come back to this post in Jan 2015 and not be saddened or frustrated, but to be pleased and joyful that I conquered gained control of this thing.

  • This heartburn, IBS, crazy digestion that seems to worsen each year
  • this eating of foods that make me feel bad  – see above…
  • this weight gain that I have let creep up  – see above
  • this level of unfitness that I have accepted as normal – see above.

They are all interconnected – each one exacerbates the other – each one leads to the other.

The crappy food is what begins it all, and is ultimately where it needs to stop to begin the process.

I have half and half mixed up thoughts on the stopping – ‘oh no I will never get to eat x,y and z again…. oh woe is me… I am missing out on eating what everyone else gets to eatvs ‘I have eaten it all before and know how it tastes, but knowing the bodily consequences am okay with never eating it again’ .

I guess it is how drinkers feel when they know they need to give up alcohol… its all around and tempting, yet having some will not do any good.

Mini tantrums of a 37 year old…… time to sort myself out and discover be honest about what it is I really want from this life.

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 14, 2014 9:51 am

    I know that feeling Lea, I think that’s why it’s taken me two weeks to get my shit sorted even though I am much fitter and slimmer than previous years I let the weight creep back on over xmas and new years and just need to pull that finger out!!!

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