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Merry Christmas… maybe

December 24, 2013

As I was sitting writing a short and loving note in my eldest child’s Christmas card of how much we love her etc etc – I was interrupted by her in full0 sulk, she  is cracking the shits over not being able to make Xmas Biscuits to be able to leave out for Santa… 2 biscuits from a whole batch.

Reasons we cannot possibly bake a whole load of biscuits to be able to leave out just 2….

  • It’s 4:30pm,
  • we leave in 1 hour for a Carols night,
  • she sat on the couch for 4 hours procrastinating this morning before having breakfast lunch,
  • it took her 1 hour to get ready to go to the shops to {re} buy a lost present for her girlfriend {one that she continued to play with, carry around the house and leave in random spots until it went missing permanently…grrrr},
  • I spent the whole day yesterday with my hands in flour and the oven going – until my feet ached and I fell into bed at 11:30pm
  • and today I have spent the whole day sequestered in my study sewing bits and bobs on the most amazing Christmas gift ever {one they have repeatedly, repeatedly asked Santa for}…

So I have no sympathy and no merry left for a sulking tween….



I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and the next few….  stay safe on the road and for all water activities {southern hemisphere.. 🙂 }

much love, and

Merry Christmas xx

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