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So. Close.

November 5, 2013

This first year of Uni will be over in a matter of 300 words… possibly 400 if I can stretch the word vomit that far.

I am so very, very close to having days to myself again. So close I am procrastinating like a pro!

And thats because I have no idea just what to write.

My amazing husband has been pulling me along with this essay, sitting up with me the past two nights to help me write it, as I am lost for words on how and what to say. This is due to having no interest in the subject, and also not understanding the subject very well. Which all leads to having no clue what I have said, should say or am about to say.

This grade, luckily worth only 40% of my overall grade, will be joyously celebrated if I get anything over the 50% mark.


I finished and submitted another essay today, so in total a word count of around 1800 words i will have typed today – a personal best I would say.


Right – I’m off like a bucket of prawns in the sun…..



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