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Cricket? Me? No thanks!

November 1, 2013
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Not long now until I stop boring you all with my boring Uni updates…. Uni lectures are done… well they will be this afternoon, but I have done the Gen Y thing and decided to just not go. In saying that I have done the Gen X thing and sent an email stating why I won’t be there {cough vomiting daughter* cough}, how much I have enjoyed the subject and trilled about the extension of learning blah blah blah, new things I have discovered blah blah and ended it by thanking them all for their hard work.

We have just completed four weeks of learning Cricket.


With Balls. and Bats. and Forward Drives. and Fielding.

Worse than all of that….. I had to CATCH fast flying tennis balls. eeeep.

From my all male 6 sided, play cricket on several week nights {and possibly many other sports}, fit, Phys. Ed student, sport short wearing, 21 year old team mates…..

and then there was me…

single female on the team, hater of team sports {who plays no sport}, unfit and overweight, Home Economics student, long tracksuit and baggy t-shirt wearing, 37 year old….

Winning combination!



I just couldn’t play a full game of cricket on the oval, in the sun, for two hours today…. just couldn’t.

So I am spending it with a group of mums, who I love dearly, and will drink cups of tea.

sounds far more appealing….

Don’t  you think?


*Child is not really sick 😉 but she thought it funny that I am using her as an excuse. Was that wrong to role model that behaviour??? Time will tell……

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