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Clinging…fingertips…. busy…gotta run

October 23, 2013

Hi there!!!

I am clinging on to healthy living with my fingertips!!

Uni is NUTS. Why do they put 80% of the work in the last 20 days… and each subject does this – it means that your workload skyrockets and the rest of life has to wait.

It also does not help that I am no good think that I am no good at writing essays – so I always over compensate/worry… and spend way way way too much time thinking, writing lists and generally dicking about.

Today I am around 2/3 through one assignment, 1/3 way through another and not even begun on the last… 2 are due before Nov 4th, and the last due Nov 15th.

so I have one thing to say on that…… AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Right then, I am off to spend the day at Uni (again) in the quiet with no distractions. Lets hope I know I can finish this first one today – and leave other days free to just keep on doing the same….


Hysterical LOL







Have a great day everyone!!





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