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October 9, 2013
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I have had many posts begun… and now have many posts sitting in the drafts folder… They were getting too long winded, or needed photo’s or just….. well……. were pretty meh.

But the problem with this is that you never quite get back to them, never quite have the time to finish what you started… so you start another and you begin the cycle again 🙂

So anyways…..

I sit here again, typing yet another new post. Hopefully much shorter, less photo filled and perhaps with better content.

Uni study break is over. But school holidays are not. So we I battle with mixed allegiances to both children and study – both who need attention and care to survive.

I loved my study  break (SB). I worked hard during the first week of SB, while school was still occurring, on the two assignments due during the two week break – and managed to get them submitted early, leaving a week and half free for play time. I had a few days to myself, and then a week with the kids camping and relaxing. Good times.

Now I am trying to settle my mind back into the Uni mode again {which is not easy… I loved the freedom of no uni…} so I can work my way through the next 5 weeks… and then Uni will be done for this semester… and I will have completed first year. A major accomplishment in my books. I am trying to do a few hours a day to ease into it and to balance it all with the kids too.

Health…. I am battling, always battling. Against something I can’t ever quite work out. I eat well, good homemade food, rarely eat take-away, I exercise 3-5 times a week, I aim to avoid fatty foods, white carbs and try not to eat too much bread…. and yet I never lose any weight. It does my head in some weeks, others I am okay with it.

I seem to have two really good weeks and then just as I am feeling great, {better in my clothes, at the gym etc} something happens to set me back. I just cant seem to control my own actions/events on this third week. This time round… a camping holiday over the long weekend. Left on the Friday full of confidence… came home on Monday feeling bloated and gross.

Small changes to my diet lead to big changes in my body. Mainly bloating and constipation/diarrhea. I suffer from reflux and indigestion, and re-winding of all the effort I have put in… and then a deep worry that the cycle will never end.

The something I cant quite work out is the above sentence…. what causes it, what aggravates it, what will make it go away. Its a see-saw battle of particular foods, at particular times. A fine balancing line I have found… and any little way over that line and into foods such as breads, cheeses, high animal fats and I am puffed up like a balloon.

Easy – some would say. Stop eating them…..

But this is where I do struggle. I enjoy eating them, the flavours, the textures. But the pain the food causes, both physical and emotional, is really getting to me.

I began this post with some direction…. now I find myself aimless and wondering…. just like with my health. I wander from one thing to another trying to find a solution. And then I wonder if I just should stop it all, get used to my body shape and move on. Eh… who knows.

One thing I am trying is Apple Cider Vinegar… I have read the benefits and have been told by several people to try it. I will say it is gross… gross.gross.gross. Uggh. even the thought of it now turns my stomach. 2 Tablespoons each meal for the first week, and then 1 Tbs a day after that.

Last night was my first night taking it… and I only put a bit of water in it, hoping to get it down FAST…but it just burnt my throat and made me feel nauseas. Today I have had it in a 375ml glass of water… its still yuck but better. And should be a lot better when I drop to just 1tbs.

My Chiropractor says I should see an improvment after the week of taking it… so we will see.


Right, its time to post. I finally have reached the end of my thoughts and need to move on.

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  1. October 10, 2013 9:24 am

    Simon and I have periods where we do the apple cider vinegar, its pretty yucko. I might start it again actually.. been a while and I still have a bottle around.

    • October 10, 2013 9:44 pm

      its more than yucko!! but hopefully might bring on some results..

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