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A Walk Through….. Gawler, South Australia

September 22, 2013

I thought of this great blog idea while out walking today.

A walk through……

blogging mini-tours through places I walk, or places I stay, live or visit.

So here is the first instalment –

I needed to walk off an indulgent evening celebrating a friends 40th Birthday.  My babysitters live a 40min drive away, and the child-swap-back location was around 2/3 of the way to their house. So I combined the two. I drove to the destination and then walked.

The town I walked through today is one that I have driven through several times a month for many {many} years to visit friends and family…and drink wine in the amazing Barossa Valley.

It has the quintessential main street – that you drive through at the slower pace of 40km/h even though the signs say 60, heritage buildings, cute shops, cars parrallel parked along both sides of the road and locals out strolling.

Gawler was settled in 1839, and was South Australia’s earliest country town. General Colonel William Light, the colony’s Surveyor planned the town, and it was named after the second governor of the colony, George Gawler. The picturesque town is renowned for its magnificent architecture, trees, cast iron lace work, Churches and also has 10 historic hotels. (source Town of Gawler)

Having only 1 hour until pick-up time I headed straight to the visitors centre and got two maps – one a Heritage Walking Trail, the other the Historic Main Street Walking trail which I was told was shorter, and could be done in an hour.

1. And off I went… start of the walk

2. Pioneer Park… Now a pleasant park near the centre of town, but….originally the cemetery, which closed in 1870 and the headstones removed!!


3. Essex House – originally a drappery and fashion store (1880) – now sadly empty and dark.

4. ANZ Bank… amazing heritage buildings Italiante Villa style (1873) – cool iron fence (1874)

5. South Para Bridge  (1908)

6. Funky table and chairs in Apex Park – which offers walking tracks along the South Para River.


7. Love the line of Moreton Bay Fig Tree’s along the park – planted in the late 1870’s

8. Uniting Church – built by William Wincey in 1867-1869 from locally quarried stone. Very large and impressive

9. Information signs of the local area along the walking track.

10. Mill Workers cottages – 1845. I love the homes in the back streets of Gawler…. and I dream of owning such a place one day!


11. Quaint little church – loved the shadows on this one.

12. I love the ‘back view’ of main streets – the old buildings back sections which have had add on’s and more add on’s – they all show the history of the area and how the town grew and evolved.


My walk around Gawler today was something I have said I wanted to do just about each time I have driven up the main street. It was lovely to be finally able to do this, but next time I would like to have more time to look at the shops and perhaps have a wander in and out. But in saying that it made me sad to notice that there were many shops empty along the main road, obviously a sign of the times. I hope they are filled again soon.

I look forward to also walking the other Heritage trail, for I know there are plenty more amazing buildings, homes and churches to be seen in the town of Gawler.

Till next time I walk through…..



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  1. September 23, 2013 9:14 am

    Oh that town just looks so lovely!

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