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September 12, 2013

Just calling in fast to say hi – and to say that I am okay….today…. it is R U OK? day here after all….


Yesterday though, I was not okay, and spent the day crying and beating myself up for things I can’t change and for things I should change.

I had a scouting friend commit suicide over the weekend, and another great friend tell me that the docs say she has only a few months to live. An uncle of a friend died of cancer {while the friend, her dad, her husband and BIL were all with me on a scouting fundraiser…} & a lady I have met several times {who works at} my bank commit suicide as well.

All seemed very wrong in the world.

And I just can’t do anything about it.


I have also been indulging in cow’s milk again, and my gut is a bloated mess & clothes are tight.


Too many tears and negative thoughts.


Time to push the reset button with an early night, close sleeping to my beloved J and an early morning walk.

Down the creek I went at 6.25am…. me and the dog… to the turn-around point and back. No timing, no music, no thoughts on heartrate.

Just walking in a lovely spot on this earth.

And reflection – on where I am going, and where I have come from.

Time to turn my thoughts inward.

It was wonderful.


I then went home to surprise my girls about a pre-planned half-day at the Royal Adelaide Show, one they thought they would be missing out on this year. We spent the few hours having lovely family time, with lots of laughs and smiles and plenty of ‘thank-you’s’ from the girls. I am sure they appreciated it all the more, as we have talked often of the cost, the excessiveness and indulgence that these type of shows bring.

But we worked out that in 9 yrs we have never done this style of show going before… as today we mainly stayed in the rides and showbags area’s… with only slight ventures into the free {and the original purpose of the show} animal sections.

It was a nice day. Everyone came home happy. And I didn’t eat anything show-fat-saturated but my own home-made wrap,veggies and some strawberries. Oh –  perhaps a few chips snagged off the girls – there is a chip-tax to be upheld!



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