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Spring cleaning my routine.

September 8, 2013

I am still an employee of Weight Watchers and happily weigh people at two different meetings a week, so when I arrived  yesterday morning ready to work I found I was not needed, and instead was able to volunteer – which means hand out the members cards and sell raffle tickets. It also meant that I was able to sit in on the meeting for the first time in years.

I also hopped on the scale for my weigh in – as that is part of being an employee, and was shocked to see the numbers displaying 1.5kg heavier than when I last weighed in. What the fuck?

Here are the thoughts that run through my head after seeing that….

Disbelief: I am not doing anything different, I am tracking each day, I drink water, I exercise, I eat well, I eat better than plenty of people I know/see/watch, I feel better, my clothes feel better on me.

Anger: What the? I am doing what everyone else is doing and I never lose, I hate this, I am over it.So I sat down to the meeting. Which as on spring cleaning your routine.

  • Are you doing something now you were not doing at your most successful?

Realisation: Yes. I am eating crappy food more often, due to lack of planning and as a copping mechanism, I have been camping, had a migraine, had a huge assignment, a sick child, am living in a messy house, not tracking as often as I was 4yrs ago {or 4 wks ago}, or making time to exercise or planning the weeks meals much.

Acceptance: I am definately doing things differently  – to me and when compared to others. Its time to clean those area’s up!


So after the meeting I headed to the gym, where I had originally planned to just walk on the treadmill from the end of my shift until J came to get me. But now that I hadn’t worked I had a lot more time, so I did the Pump class and thought about what I could/needed to change, and re-motivated myself the whole time – for I really love working out, and I always remember that when I go back to it after a break.

The spring clean:

  • I need to have lunch planned, and made early.
  • I need to have veggies ready to munch on.
  • I need to go to bed earlier and go to the gym more in the mornings {when J’s shift work enables me too}
  • I need to walk more often, as the days are warming up and the sky is often a beautiful blue – who wouldn’t want to be out there!
  • I need to stop turning to crappy food as a ‘stress reliever’.
  • I need to stop buying crappy food at the shops and bringing it into my house {where it available to eat when I am stressed!}

While in  a particularly hard part of a the squat track I took my mind elsewhere and began to plan my foods for the week. And had an epiphany on preparing my lunches etc for the whole week.

I know it’s not a new concept, but one I have always scoffed at doing…. ‘I have it all in the fridge so I will just make it up each day’. Except that I don’t. Cos lunch is my least favourite meal to think about. so I end up heating a frozen dinner meal, and while healthy, when you eat two a day for several days… its not the best situation. I need lunch right there in front of me to grab.

So once home I hit the webz and looked up bloggers who pre-make a whole weeks worth of food. I was inspired by their ideas, wrote out a list and a few recipes and I am doing just that! Weekly food prep.

I also am going to chop veggies – into sticks for snacks and for steaming at night, and make some sweet and healthy snacks to have instead of chocolate, or scoops of nutella!

I will try it this week and  next to see how it works for me – and if it’s a win then I will carry on.

Right – that’s long enough to prattle on…. I’m off to make fresh {seedy} bread, finish off the quinoa salad and get out and enjoy this amazing day – and one where we have absolutely nothing planned!!!

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