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A damn good reason to think of a face to Punch!

August 27, 2013

Today I tried BodyCombat at my gym. I aim to try them all at least once, and have been enjoying the Les Mills style of class again.

A previous gym that I attended for a few years, while supporting Les Mill workouts, just never seemed to do anything different – same ol movements, songs, warm-ups etc. Also the stereo system was old and cruddy, skipping the music, so the instructors played their own players and they stuck the same songs. It got so dull that I stopped attending.

But I am enjoying being part of those workouts again.

And I worked out that BodyCombat works so much better when you have a fugly face in mind to aim your punches at! Good job I have just the girl to keep in mind! Therapy and a workout!


My youngest’s Tonsillitis is only just on the mend. We took her back to the Dr’s yesterday as her breathing over night was worrying – J even left his shift early as I was worried. By the afternoon of yesterday she was 48hrs into the Anti-Bi and still not showing much more improvement, so the Docs it was. They wanted another visit today, and perhaps steroids to combat it. Of course, around 2 hours later she was heaps better, laughing and joking, and is getting better and better as each hour passes. I am glad for this, for I was very worried.

She is home again from school today as a further rest and recuperate day, and so is her older sister.


I was coerced into the plan just as school leaving time rolled around, and the lazy girl in me jumped at the opportunity to miss the fracas that is school time parking! So I agreed, but they have some ground rules…..

  • Bedrooms must be tidied at the end of the day – no complaints
  • Play needs to happen mostly outside – due to J sleeping the day away because of graveyard shift
  • The eldest is on 3 warnings – misbehavior, loudness, rudeness etc – it’s back to school…. no matter what time it is.
  • Not to bug me too much – as today is a study day for me {cant you tell…. I am blogging…. avoidance!}

They are currently playing a game outside called “Girl Guides go Camping”. They made and ‘received’ invites, packed their bags, caught the bus, set up the tent and are ‘exploring’.

The new-educator in me now understands the importance and the theory behind imaginative play – not just for the fact it keeps them out of my hair – so in all I think it was a success to have them both home from school.

The other WONDERFUL thing is….

it 22deg outside, slightly sunny and not raining!

Oh the joys of the year advancing, and a spring day upon us!

So girls – enjoy your day…. and you will catch me occasionally staring with longing out the window at you having a lovely time in the warmth….. le sigh…..

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