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A Block of chocolate is never any good for anyone!

August 25, 2013

I need to move on from the disaster that eventuated on Thursday.  That wine and tears turned into a platter of dip {coles Beetroot and Mint… YUm!} , veggie sticks and toasted tortilla for tea – followed by a  BLOCK of chocolate for dessert. {well almost , well almost bar one line cos I felt so sick by then}

Wait? Wat?

A block?

Yep 😳

and I felt gross and cried with heartburn pain a fair portion of the night…. penance perhaps? And had a migraine… Lots of chocolate is a trigger for me.

Consequently I woke Friday feeling groggy and after-migraine hungover. Bleugh and completely not focused.

Saturday was its usual whirlwind rush, from work at 8am to dancing to Dr’s to parties to coming home at 5:30pm exhausted and to an ignored house/dinner prep.

while I have not eaten everything in front of me, or near to me – I have eating things that I normally wouldnt, so am feeling just a little bit less than great, the usual body reaction that those foods tend to have. Bloated and lethargic.


So I start today, with a quick sleep-in that was not planned. My youngest has tonsillitis, and slept fitfully next to me last night. I needed an extra hour or two of uninterrupted sleep to make this day as productive as it can be.

I am studying this morning, as soon as I press publish, and then off to a scrapping afternoon.

I have my tracker open and ready to input food, I have a huge cup of water here with me on the desk. I am about to go and make Breakie – rolled oats, chopped apple, yogurt and some almonds. Lunch – is a new soup J made last week – Red lentil, potato and spinach, and tea…. probably chicken and steamed veg – simple foods to get my body feeling the way it should and the way I like. I will just have to be aware at the scrapping to not snack on the cake that is offered, and will take my own veggies/dip and a piece of fruit.

Nice one lea….

Now go do as you say!



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