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Tears and wine at 4:02pm

August 24, 2013

…This is from Thursday…


I had a tough day today – I had a uni assignment due at 4pm…. and cried most of the day stressing about it. I got it in – at 3:57pm, just in time. We have been told that if we miss the submission time for anything over the study period in this subject, we cannot expect to get a credit or distinction – no matter how good the quality of the material…. harsh…but the rules. I try my best at all times to play by the rules…. mainly cos the self-doubt in my ability to be a passing Uni student, even a graduate, overcomes me and I feel the need to over-try just so I can be assured of passing – at the very least.

Seems crazy I know.

But its my crazy.

and I like it.



Wine at 4:02pm… cos that is how long it took me to sit back and take a breath, walk to the kitchen, get a glass, wine out of the fridge, pour and sip.

And its totally unheard of me drinking…. really…anytime during the week or even before 6pm.

Its just not who I am. {I wish i was though…}

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