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Crochet and Uni – how to blend the two

August 20, 2013

Study 19.8

Today is a Uni day for me – so a quick gate drop off for the kids then race home to sink my head into the books.

I am ever so glad though to have these days free to study – having school aged children while studying full time is certainly an advantage!

As it is often rather difficult to engage and remain so.

This is how I achieve that…

As you can see from my photo above, I crochet while watching/listening/noting online lectures.

Makes it so much more fun that way 🙂

A few other necessities –

  • Green tea…. I drink it while studying and the distraction that comes from sipping is wonderful, and coffee/milk/sugar sure does add up fast when your spending a full day inside the books! I find i lose more weight when drinking lots of green tea, although I think its just because its more water throughout the day.
  • Nail Care… I am not big on fancy {expensive} nails…but when you need a short break from reading 60 pages of high level academia… a quick nail file and a paint, or a buff is way better then a trip to the pantry! Also I am terrible at smudging or knocking my newly applied polish – so reading a text is a great way to make me sit still long enough to allow fresh paint to fully dry!
  • Hand creme… is yet another way to ‘switch off’, or mindlessly do something nice while reading something really dull.

That’s how I get through the hours. Some days are harder then others.



Well this morning I did another first for a long time – I got up early to do BodyAttack at my gym at 6.15am! I just made it in time, running in a minute or so after the start.

OMG! it was tough. but it was great! and I feel so much better now.

This weekend just been was a busy one for myself and my girls – J  was on day shift all weekend, so I was officially ‘mums taxi’ and taxi those two around I did. But I also ate. and ate. and ate.

After a weigh in on Saturday morning – with a loss of .400g  – I went on to think up all the wonderful things I could eat the rest of the day. Lollies, chocolate, Pizza. Oh my! and I went on to have all three 😳

At one point of the running around Lunch was offered and bought for me – Hot chips and bread. Oh boy {both 🙂 and 😦 } but oh boy I enjoyed those chippie sangers!

Then for tea we made homemade pizza. It was delicious. And friends bought round Paddle Pop icecreams for dessert. They were delicious too!

I must set some goals to work on controlling my weekends more, as I can feel I am getting out of control again.

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